Delta Beach is a community formed in the 1880s of approximately 849 (summer time) residents located on the south most rim of Lake Manitoba in the Province of Manitoba. Lake Manitoba is Canada’s thirteenth largest lake (4,624 km) and the world’s 33rd largest freshwater lake. It is located about 75 km northwest of the province’s capital, Winnipeg.

Delta was serviced by rail first in the 1900s, and then by road in the 1920s.

The Delta Beach Association(DBA) is a non-profit organization established by and for the residents of the Community of Delta Beach.

This website is maintained by Scott Greenlay, Boardmember of the DBA to provide information on Delta Beach, Manitoba. This website was created through the generous donation of time by Michael Aldor and Scott Greenlay.

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  1. Conditions are great at the Public Beach!

  2. Tricia Blair (#5 west) says:

    For those who may be interested in fundraising for a new playground, I have come across two grants that you can apply for. (One has to be done by December 15, 2013; the other can be done anytime.) Let me know if you are interested, and I can pass on the info.

    • Yes Please! Are you interested in helping with planning/organizing as well?

      • Tricia Blair (#5 west) says:

        Here’s the info on the grants:
        If the playground is on public land or open to use by the public then you could apply for a Community Places grant. The deadline for applications is December 15 for southern Manitoba. You can find the application forms and information at http://www.gov.mb.ca/housing/cpp.

        The Manitoba Community Services Council also provides funds for non-profit organizations. Applications are accepted at any time. Information on this organization can be found at http://www.mbcsc.ca/home. You can apply for a grant but if you don’t get a grant you may be able to raise the funds by participating at a bingo.

        Also, not sure what kind of playground the committee may be looking at. A friend of a friend has been working on a “natural” playground for Bannatyne School in Winnipeg. It has a more “traditional” play structure, as well as some natural elements. Below is the information I got from her on where some of their stuff has come from and what they have been doing. If the committee is interested in seeing what it all looks like, I can go and take some pictures and send them to you.

        “We’ve ordered but not received bongos from this company… [ http://www.naturesinstruments.com/ ]http://www.naturesinstruments.com/ although most of our playground improvements this year and 2 years ago have been more along the lines of naturalization. We put in a wiggle wall of oak tree stumps surrounded by natural posts to give it a fort feel. We also did the musical area which includes a 20 X 24 foot stage made of composite deck materials. The berms have also been added along with boulders and maple trees that each class ‘adopted’. The wooden structure is pretty old and the coloured one was put in 10 years ago I think? As part of Evergreen Canada, we had a Natural Playground Landscape Artist create a blueprint that we have been loosely following. This year we worked with Gord Galay of Galay Landscaping. He’s out of Selkirk and Discovery Children’s centre highly recommended him. We couldn’t say enough good things!!! He truly is a visionary!”

        Hope this info helps.

  3. Ten Delta says:

    It is evident that most if not all cottages on the East Beach are going to require engineering
    services. I understand that a few owners have already contacted an engineer.
    Is there anyway that we can be a bit more unified and work as a group for all of our engineering
    services needs?
    Bruce Barr #10 E.Delta

  4. Mary Brown says:

    I’m sorry to hear about all the struggles that are happening right now at Delta, it’s breaking my heart to read about it. I have fond memories of spending my early summers out there at number 5 way back in the 70’s-80’s. Thanks to those made this website and for all the posters that are enabling those of us from far away to keep up to date on the situation. It’s unfortunate that the Delta Beach community is having to do all of this themselves with little hep from outside resources other than an “after the fact” approach.

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