Draft AGM 2015 Minutes

Delta Beach AssociationAGM Minutes

July 5, 2014

1. Adoption of the Agenda with the following amendments to Reports:

​​Beach clean-up, geo-tubes, campground, trees, paving, dredging

​​Moved by Betty Granger, seconded by George Kotelo. Passed.

2. Introduction of Guests:

​​RM – Terry Simpson, Roy Tufford; ALMS – Jack King, Harry

​​Frederick, Scott Forbes; MLA – Ian Wishart

3. Minutes of 2014 AGM – Motion for adoption as circulated

Moved by Del Crewson, seconded by Bruce Sloane – Passed.

4. Reports

​​RM – presented by Terry Simpson, Ward 3 Councillor, and Roy ​​​Tufford. –

• Zoning by-law change to residential/seasonal. Site size11,000 sq. ft., 80 ft. wide, 25 ft. deep front, side yard of 10 ft. which requires a variance. RM needs to revise this as they didn’t realize the impact on Delta. In the meantime, variances are being approved but at a cost of $320.00. Asked if that would be refunded, they said they were thinking about that.

• No regional water this year

• Asphalting – Federal/provincial compensation. Will do East Hackberry this fall but hold off on West Hackberry until campground has been built due to heavy constuction traffic.

• Potholes to be filled on West Hackberry asap

• Dust suppressment will continue

• Breakwater will be repaired. A picture is needed of the breakwater post 1955

• Sand bags around the channel are to be moved in so that they are 40 ft from the road

• Trees will not be planted until there is something to grow them in like a small berm

• Beach cleanup – MIT has the authority. Scott Jackson/Jason Manning will look after beach from public right to channel

• Geo-tubes – issues of repairs, stagnant water and leeches will be reported by RM to MIT for resolution

• Renumbering of cabins by RM

• Channel to be dredged per Scott Greenlay discussion with Daryl Hrehirchuk

• Positive comments on the work of the RM over winter on the dead trees south of Hackberry

• Campground go ahead to be decided on by RM this fall

MLA Ian Wishart

• Plan for an outlet is fading into the land of consultants and engineers. Plan may be out before election.

• Course of hearings on the management of the lower Assiniboine are done and a report is to be ready by the fall.

• Condition of the lower Assiniboine dikeshas to be improved

• Maintenance has been completed on the silt in the diversion

• There are outlet issues with the increase on capability going from 24,000 cfs to 32,000 cfs.

• Drainage rules/policies in Saskatchewan by this fall, hopefully.

• Water storage is being looked at along the Assiniboine

• Things are dragging on the outlet project


• Looking at a natural playground in the area where dredging material is dumped.

• $25,000 FCC grant has been applied for

Beautification Committee Report (click here for report) – Garry Wright

Strategic Plan

• DBA Executive

• Developing a multi-year plan

• Lay a framework from which to work

• Lobby network

• Trying to improve Delta

• Ideas or suggestions

• Copy on the web-site

Chairperson’s Report – Don Clarkson

• Garbage issues, BFI, location of bins, items not suitable

• Recycling located in village

• Rules on garbage are posted everywhere

• Once a week pick up on Friday instead of Monday was discussed

• Contractors need to deal with their own garbage

5. Budget (attached) – Moved by Linda Muirhead, seconded by Ken Holland, passed

6. Association of Lake Manitoba Stakeholders (ALMS) – Scott Forbes

• He presented three outlet channel possibilities, one 23 km channel, one an 11.6 km and the third, the Schreyer Solution, which involves pumping water out of Lake Winnipegosis into Cedar Lake and on to Grand Rapids generating station. The last makes the most sense and costs the least amount. We will have to lobby and wait to see what happens.

• Jack King, chair of ALMS, shared comparable issues as a result of the 2011-14 floods and the need to engage in political action.

7. New Business

• Wayne Johnson moved and Bruce Sloane seconded that $1.00 per member be given to ALMS to help them continue the fight.(administrative costs). Passed.

8. Election of Executive

• Eric Olson, Garry Wright, Don Clarkson, Kelly Tomalin, Scott Greenlay and Larry Muirhead will stand for another term. Dennis Nodrick moves and Bob Ramsay seconded that nominations cease. Passed.

9. Adjournment

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