May 13, 2011 (sent May 14th 12:01:48 AM)

May 14, 2011 12:01:48 AM

Know everyone is busy, and it looks like the burden being placed on the Rural Municipality(RM) is truly unfair. How the RM is supposed to coordinate so many effected areas – is beyond understanding. Have tried to reach EMO, but no luck. Have been repeatedly told must go through RM for any advice or assistance.  
Again, any direction or guidance would be appreciated.
Current Situation(as of 9pm) at Community of Delta Beach
– Road access to West most cottages is lost.
– East Beach access is at risk – 2 days at best before it is unpassable.
– Some trucks with Sand Bags have been arriving, no Poly though.
On our own, we’ve managed to get a Surveyor from Winnipeg to agree to come out tomorrow morning to provide elevations so that we have an idea as to where properties are at for elevation versus the projected 815.5 water level. Again, no assistance or guidance from RM or EMO, so we’re doing our best here. Our hope is to try and determine elevations and then be able to decide options by area. It will at least give peace of mind to know if a home is savable, at no risk, or a total loss.  Of course, we really aren’t qualified to do this, so we are “winging it”.
Current Status of Homes
West west beach homes(Approx 25 Homes) – Now isolated due to diversion overland flooding over the road. 25 homes at risk.
Campground Homes/trailer park(Approx 20 Homes) – Filling with water from diversion overland flooding from back marsh. Looks like they haven’t much time left. About 20 homes at risk.
West beach homes(Approx 70 Homes) – currently between campground and #5 – still seem to be mostly high enough.
Homes closest to channel(Approx 4 Homes)  – Channel is well beyond banks and at roads on all sides – These homes are at risk but have sand bagging in place.
Homes in Central area, across from old store(Approx 5 Homes) – now have water at varying levels – some up to main floor. 
East beach(Approx 50 homes) – holding it’s own, but water is very high. Issue is road access, East beach road now close to flooding. We expected we have one or two days before the east beach is inaccessible. No assistance from MIT or RM to try and keep roads open, so suspect we’re down to last day or two of east beach access, and then we’ll be unable to protect them in any fashion. Expect all 50 homes to be at risk.
Any help you can provide would be deeply appreciated. I am available at any time to assist in anyway and can be reached at this email, or by cell phone at 997-4601. Am at Delta all day tomorrow working with Surveyor, and seeing as to what sand bagging will make sense. 
Yours truly,
Scott Greenlay

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