Flood 2011

Diversion Gates Finally Closed

August 5th – After the longest continuous use of the Diversion in its history, the Province announced the Diversion gates were closed today. For more than 3 months, the Diversion was responsible for rising Lake Manitoba to its highest level in recorded history. Flowing at times at more than 32,000 cubic feet of water per second(cfs), the Diversion raised Lake Manitoba 5 feet above it’s normal operating range, causing millions in damage and hardship to Manitobans.

Ashton Annouces Work to begin Emergency Channel to reduce Lake Levels to 813.1 by April 2012

Further information on the plans and rational can be found by clicking here. Current plans call to get the Lake level down to 813.1 feet by April 2012, a full foot above maximum operating level, and almost two feet above the level the Lake was at when the Spring Melt began this year. It appears the emergency channel work will NOT result in any additional outflow capacity for the Lake,  but rather will permit the Fairford Dam to run at capacity during the Winter months to help with reducing Lake levels. However, there remains a signficant inflow/outflow issue, as the Diversion has an Inflow capacity of approximately 34,000 cfs while the Fairford Dam structure is limited to an approximate  20,000 cfs outflow capacity.

Lake Level Peak Reached 

Somewhere around July 25th, Lake Manitoba reached it’s peak level of 817.15 feet.  The Province is predicting that with the creation of emergency channels, they will be able to get the Lake down to 813.1 feet by April 2012, putting it a full foot above it’s maximum safe operating range.  This would place the Lake a full foot higher than it was in the devastating storm of Fall of 2010.

Mandatory Evacuation of Delta Beach

Due to the disaster, Delta Beach remains under a MANDATORY evacuation affecting approximately 200 residences in the area. All of Delta Beach is under this Evacuation notice. Limited access to the area is available between 8am and 8pm to residents, with a number of restrictions.


The checkpoint is open from 8am to 8pm. Access beyond the checkpoint is available to residents by foot, 1/2 ton or 1 ton trucks, or other high clearance vehicles. Due to debris and unevenness of what remains of the roads, cars and light duty trucks are not recommended. A warning horn is in place to advise of evacuation, and will be sounded three long times to warn of impending flood danger. If you hear the horn, leave immediately.

Weather Outlook

Check out the link below(Note: When you click on the link below, look at the right side of the page for a “Change Units” link, so you can convert wind speed to km/h):


45 Responses to Flood 2011

  1. Jonnette Kitson says:

    There is a meeting for permanent residents tonight– Oct. 12– at 7pm at the MNP building on the Island.

  2. Don Clarkson Delta Beach Assoc Board says:

    The RM of Portage at its council meeting Tuesday Sept 13 will make a decision on the “wave action reduction program” for Delta Beach. The province is contributing $2 million to this program and has a controls where and how the wave reduction is installed. The DBA has met with the RM and lobbied for protection for all of Delta Beach.

  3. Alan Owens says:

    HI. My name is Alan Owens, permanent year round resident of Delta Beach. My wife and I have no problems accessing our property and as such are still living at Delta. We plan on staying there this winter. I am available to demolish and clean up any one who needs their lot fixed up prior to spring. I ripped down our old cabin years ago to prepare for building our present home and as such am well aware of the job and time it takes to accomplish this. If you are interested please get back to me at 857-7454 or at afowens@gmail.com

  4. Don Clarkson DBA Board says:

    At the last ALMS meeting Steve Topping made a brief presentation regarding the 2011 Indivual Flood Protection Intiative. This program is administer by Water Stewardship and does require you to register separately from MASC. The dead line for registration is September 30, 2011. Here is the link to the registration information


    • I heard a rumor that the government/R.M. (?) is installing geo-tubes at the Far West Beach for protection. Will they be coming up with solutions for the West and East Beaches?

  5. Terry Mulvey says:

    The Delta Beach Association should approach th RM to ask when the Road is rebuilt (Hackberry)behind our properties, that it be raised about 3-4 feet to act as a dike against the marsh to prevent a repeat of this year when the marsh overflow flooded behind cabins and limited access to our property.
    Terry Mulvey # 30 West

  6. harvey oakley says:

    I’d like to know how this new channel is going to help us when they open the diversion next spring and start pumping 35,000 cfs into the lake and still only 20,000 cfs going out —— just asking !

  7. Valerie Smith says:

    Attention to all Delta Beach Assoc. Cottagers: The RM has notified me that there is a meeting, TODAY, AT 1pm in LANGRUTH WITH THE GOVERNMENT concerning lake levels and their proposed solutions. The RM is urging as many people to attend this meeting as possible.

  8. Valerie Smith says:

    The RM has contacted me today and urged me to inform all cottage owners that SANDBAGS ARE NOT TO BE USED AS DRIVEWAY FILL> EMO has stressed that if the sandbags are used for this they will suspend all priveleges of sandbags to Delta.
    Also, if cottagers disregard this notice the *RM HAS TOLD ME THEY WILL SPECIFICALLY KEEP THOSE BREAKING THIS RULE OUT OF DELTA BY WAY OF SECURITY *so as not to ruin it for those people using sandbags appropriately.

  9. Don Clarkson says:

    Engineers from KGS tour Delta Beach.

    3 Engineers from KGS toured Delta Beach on Tuesday July 5. They were there on behalf of the province to take a look at what home owners were doing to protect their home’s and shoreline. One of the engineers was a “wave action” specialist from BC. Once they have given their report to the province we hope to access it to help insure that we are on the right track with the protection being done.

  10. Kim Hancock-Espey says:

    Kim Hancock-Espey
    I’m thinking we should maybe start a Facebook petition to present to the Province in regards to lowering the lake? The “Save MDC” petition did REALLY well on FB and it’s probably the best way to reach the most people (most people will never actually get around to contacting their MLA). Is anyone ‘Computer-Literate’ enough to start this up and does anyone know if there are certain requirements for an online petition to be valid?

    • Pat Ferris says:

      Hi Kim
      To create a petition you have to first create a group. I previously suggested that we develop a Facebook page and was told that one already exists. So, if there is one, we need to engage people in the cause. Post pictures tell stories and get the petition set up.

      I believe that once you create a group in Facebook, there is the option to then create a petition in Facebook. I also understand that this form of petition does have checks and balances that makes it the same as a written signature petition e.g., the person is emailed back when they join the petition and must verify their email. I am not supremely computer literate but would take on the task of figuring this out if a page already exists. Can anyone confirm that a Facebook page currently exists?
      In am not much of a Tweeter but I do live Calgary and watched our current mayor go from an obscure candidate with less than a 4% chance to winning the race through a Twitter campaign. So that is a powerful form of social media as well.

      Has anyone got legal points on this whole mess i.e., Canadian constitution and responsibility of government, the foundation of law and justice – if you destroy something you should be responsible for compensating for it, treaties etc. I assume there has been explorations of this and I would like to include this thread in a letter to the premier and news media.

      Pat Ferris

      • Karen Trigg says:

        Hi you may want to check on the environmental aspect as well.Delta ,if I’m not mistaken, is a heritage marsh.What kind of impact has this done to the marsh.The pollution in the form of nutrient and now our septics flooded over into the flood waters.Also if Minot was flooded what kind of contaminants are in that water heading our way.Is the university still doing their field work on the lake?The professor I find is very forthcoming with information and very knowledgable.One student from our area did her thesis on the lake in the past. I do believe there are copies available. I wish you much luck in your endeavor for this noble cause.I believe you will be quite sucessful!

  11. Don Clarkson says:

    The DBA AGM is at the Portage Fair Board office on July 3 2011 at 10am. The Portage Fair Board Office is located on Island Park in Portage La Prairie. To get to the offices you turn right as soon as you cross the bridge, go past the PCU Centre and continue down the road a short distance the Fair Board office is west of the PCU Centre on the south side of the road before you get to the golf course.
    See you all there.

  12. Bob Grant says:

    Access to cottages closed on Monday June 27. Any idea if we will be allowed back in????

  13. Christa says:

    Go vote on the poll question @ CTV Winnipeg “Do you think the province is doing enough to lower lake levels on Lake MB?” It’s at 59% yes 41% no! The public, let alone the province, has to know what ISN’T being done!! Its on the right side of this webpage near the top (http://winnipeg.ctv.ca/). If you’re going to vote, please do so asap as I’m sure they will air the results on the news by 6:00 pm this evening (June 22).

  14. Terry Mulvey says:

    Are Thurs. & Fri. the only days volunteers will be available ….I could use a hand but am still trying to deal with getting accsess to my cabin. Driveway was washed out and is under 3 feet of water, so I would not be ready by then. Need to make a sandbag driveway as a temp. way to get in first. Anyone who can dump a few loads of busted up bags in Cabin 30 West driveway….feel free to to so!!! need the fill. I am trying to arrange a driveway in the meantime.
    #30 West

    • Don Clarkson says:

      Terry as of right now the volunteers from EMO are only available Thursday and Friday. There is a chance there could be more next week. I’ll keep you posted

  15. Don Clarkson DBA says:

    Need help sand bagging
    I have heard from the RM that there will be volunteers available through EMO on Thursday and Friday of this week. If you could use them please reply here or contact me directly and I will advise the RM of the location where they are needed.
    Don Clarkson

  16. Cathy Gooch says:

    Got this forwarded to me from a friend of mine who has a cabin at Laurentia Beach. It would be great if as many as possible could attend.

    Please be advised that the Manitoba Association of Cottage Owners (MACO for short) is holding a rally on Tuesday, June 14th at 1:45 P.M. at the Front Steps of the Legislature. As a member of MACO, Twin Lakes Beach Association is promoting this to our membership and encouraging everyone to attend with a home-made sign/placard. There will be opportunities for people to speak as time has not allowed for a formal schedule of speakers. There may be an opportunity for some of us to attend the Question and Answer Period as a Gallery spectator immediately following the rally at 1:30P.M. The purpose of the rally is to protest the flooding of Lake Manitoba by the Portage Diversion.

    We are hoping you will inform your association members to support us in making this a great event. Since the House is finished sitting next week the timing of this rally is important.
    I am working on some appropriate wording for signs and will share this with you if you like.

    Rilla Britton
    Past President, Twin Lakes Beach Association

  17. Valerie Smith says:

    June 9: RM has just notified via telephone that there are superbags avail. at Delta for this weekend. There are 5 bundles there containing 200 superbags per bundle. Also there are approx. 1000 empty bags that are available to people who want to fill the bags with excess sand that is lying around. Sand bags will be also be delievered tomorrow to the main beach area. Let’s hope for some good weather! Good luck to everyone!

    • Cathy Gooch says:

      How can we go about getting a pool of volunteers to help full the super bags?? It’s back breaking labour intensive work for just a few people. Any and all help would be greatly appreciated!!
      Cole/Gooch #8 east

  18. Dorothy-NEED BOULDERS? For Lakeside says:

    Who’s looking for field rock boulders? We are in the process (tonight) of getting quotes on semi loads going out to Delta. We have 12 semi load committment from people who are ready to prepaying. Rough price per semi right now is about $1200.00 a load. We are waiting for a call back for a price break as I type. Anyone interested please call as ASAP 204-256-3524. We will try to work the price down again.

    the boulders are NOT by the tandum. They are by the semi load. You get considerable more rock by the semi load. This is the same rock going into Grand beach and Gull lake. It is from the granite family of rock. If we get 25 ppl at 4 loads each, the price will drop.

    Forgot to mention….the delivery of boulders would be to your lane only as the semi’s do not want to get stuck. We are having our boulders delivered to our driveway and then hiring a someone with equipment to dump our rock over the edge at the front but we have side yard access for this smaller equipment to make it around our cottage.

  19. Doug DePape says:

    I would suggest to everyone to get a claim started asap. If you haven’t already you should call 1-855-220-1822.Also take lots of pictures and keep track of all of your time and expenses involved with preparations and clean up after the storm.

    Doug DePape #6 west beach

  20. Dorothy- 100 photos says:


    There is over 100 photos of damage at delta through this link. I hope it works

  21. Valerie Smith says:

    There is an urgent private meeting for owners on the FAR WEST BEACH only on Sunday, June 5, 2011 at 1pm at North Memorial School , 410-6th Ave.N.E. Portage la Prairie.

  22. James says:

    I am viewing these photos and news coverage from Alberta, and I am devastated by the destruction. Our cabin was 32 east, which appears to be the one in the top photo
    with green roof. It was built in about 1905, and has been in our family ever since.
    So sad,
    James (Yuill cabin, 32 East)

  23. Dorothy says:

    Anybody know if there will be sand bags available this weekend to do more sand bagging? I’ve heard that most if not all sand bag walls have washed away and we would like to replace ours if they’re gone.

    We will be taking pictures this weekend. How do we get them posted to this site?

    Gord and Dorothy
    #23 E

    • Rhoda says:

      Hi I was out sandbagging last week from Ontario and unfortunately not able to get back until next weekend. If you get an opportunity would you take a photo of 36 east. I would truly appreciate it.

      Thank you

  24. Penny Balabanski says:

    We were married on the beach in front of our cottage 10 years ago this July. Such a lovely place has been destroyed and continues to be destroyed. Our young children, as do so many other families, enjoy Delta every summer. Will we ever have that time again? My heart is breaking right now.
    Balabanski #34 West

    • James says:

      Hello Penny, our cabin was on 32 east, and I was planning to bring my two
      boys, as I have every year, but judging by the photos, it wont be worth the
      1500 km drive. I hope someone is found accountable for destroying the
      beach we all loved.

  25. Dave Owens says:

    Although I am only a former Delta cottage owner (albeit briefly), you folks need to garner strength with Twin Lakes, St. Ambrose, Langruth, Fairford and anyone else affected to form a class action suit.

    Accepting a compensation package will indicate your acceptance of the now long term conditions forced onto your properties by Manitoba Hydro. Your properties will not be usable for this year, the next, and possibly many to come. The only way to correct this situation and protect your properties for the long term is through massive class action plus refusal to pay property taxes. It will be the only way to force Manitoba Hydro to cease their careless water management.

    I have knowledge of legal representation that specializes in water management litigation and they may be able to help you tackle a crown corporation. I passed contact information onto some of you in confidence. If you need further information, please indicate on this commentary and I’ll get back to you.

    • Lori Ferris says:

      Dave, I would welcome any information you can provide me with. I have a good friend who is a journalist & may be willing to help as well. I agree with you that we need to take action, should have taken action years ago, I can be reached at 403-366-6545,


  26. Wayne Mault says:

    Hello again
    There was a large ad in the weekend papers from the Province about compensation for this spring’s flood damage in our area. It was long on promises but short on details. I still think the executive of the Delta Beach Association should call a meeting of all of us very soon with representatives from the Province and Rural Municipality to explain in detail what we can expect in compensation, remediation, etc. and how to get it.
    I received many responses agreeing that an information meeting, not a “bitch session”, is necessary sooner rather than later. I realize everyone is busy but if we don’t act soon we may miss the boat with respect to information and an opportunity for coordinated action.

    Wayne Mault
    66 West

  27. Dorothy says:

    After reading the information provided from the DBA meeting with the RM,I was surprised to see an 818 ft marking re: flooding, as the Manitoba government site has only shown the highest at 815-816 ft. That was informative, as well, after being out to Delta today (Sunday May 29) I think it is quite troubling to see that the wave action from lake Manitoba and it’s dramatic impact on some west side cottage properties as well as the East side. My heart sank when a family member showed me several cottages who have their front decks ripped down from this wave action, one cottage infact having wave action eating from under the deck right under the cottage to the point where furniture legs can now be seen because the floor has dropped into a sink hole created by wave action. I hope the RM and the manitoba government realize the seriousness of this situation and that continuing to push water from the diversion into the lake will (in my opinion) cause some of these cottages to fall into the lake by keeping the water level too high for property owners to get in and reinforce these properties.

  28. Bruce Barr (#10 E. Delta) says:

    I am wondering if anyone knows if today (Thursday, May 26th) there is any access to the East Beach by vehicle or even walking. With what I suspect to have been lower winds over the last couple of days has the the water over Canal St. and Hackberry Ave. E receded any?
    I do not know why the Municipality does not provide a simple daily report on water levels letting us know what areas are or are not accessible. I am not expecting a scientific survey just a simple visual analysis would do.
    Then again, that may be providing just too much information.

    • Lori Ferris says:

      I spoke to an offical at emergency measures yesterday he said people could access their cottages & were doing so yesterday,


  29. bettygranger says:

    A surveyor was out to Delta last Friday and measured water levels off #39E- told me that the lake was at 815.5. When I informed him that that water level was where gov’t said we would be at their projected peak, he informed me that the water level is to be 816.8 mid-June.

  30. bettygranger says:

    I called Sunnyside Colony for sand bags. I know that they have vehicles, should we pursue this further?

  31. Wayne Mault says:

    I just heard on the news that the Province is willing to compensate cottage owners for some of the expenses related to flood damage/mitigation . I think we should have a meeting of the association within the next two weeks to plan a course of action over the summer and have a representative of the Province explain in detail what will and will not be covered, how claims are to be made, what dates are covered, etc. A representative from the RM should also be present to explain their actions and how this will affect our taxes for the near future.
    The meeting could be held in Portage (perhaps in the PCU Centre so people can see their tax dollars at work). The RM could be asked to mail out notices based on tax information so everyone will be notified of the meeting. I don’t think we can wait for the annual meeting to get things started.

    Wayne Mault
    66 West

  32. Gord and Dorothy says:

    Thank you for creating this site it offers an opportunity to stay abreast of the situation out at our cottage. We met alot of great people out at Delta since purchasing our cottage last year and appreciate all the delta news.

    thank you
    Gord and Dorothy

  33. Valerie Smith says:

    The Far West Road is under a vast amount of water as of today’s wind storm and is no longer accessible by any sort of motorized vehicle.

  34. Alan and Debby Panko says:

    Way to go guys – we really appreciate your hard work and all of the info you provide. It is so nice to know that we are all in this thing together,working hard to make a difference to our beach and to reach out to those that need our assitance. Makes the load slightly easier to bear.

  35. Doug Ross says:

    Thankyou for all the hard work w email updates & now this site.

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