Minutes from July 1, 2012 AGM

July 1,2012     General meeting  – Oakland Hall 9:30am

Adoption of agenda:Bob Ramsey and tom porter adopted min. Passed.

Jerry Ferguson and Betty Granger voted to adopt last year’s july 3 /11 meetings. Passed.

Welcome to guests:  Terry Simpson and Larry Gibbs

Garbage collection starts Monday, July 3 till labor day and until Tues of thanksgiving weekend.  Robert Werbiski will collect.

Disaster fin.  Assistance- we have put in an application for channel and playground. See updates on website.

Clean-up is progressing at a snail pace.  Exec. Met RM regarding this.  we need better leadership from prov govt not to  RM. The Rm does not have resources to do this.   All are urged to contact the govt.

Marsh mess is terrible and there is a lack of concern to get this cleaned up.  We are working to get the govt to take action.

813.22 lake level without wind at this point.  We are progressing as kGS enter. Suggested it would be at.

11,800 cu ft as of june 19  fairford  the problem is the lake is still being filled and not emptying and so it is equaling out.

The govt denies the facts and wants to make us believe what they live.( above Don clarkson’s report)

Please contact your constituency where you live on behalf of Delta.

The govt says they are not opening the diversion.  If you believe what they have told us. We will have to deal with it if it changes.

Report from RM:

Terry Simpson:  Delta will be better. Let the RM know what trees we want planted.

Campground will be re-faced… a consultant is coming to give a picture of what to do with public b.  area. There needs to be a plan. We also need to clean the debris on the south side of the road. The roads are to be fixed but the prov wants to take the limestone off but we are urging the govt to leave it and pave overtop. Call the govt and advise them to leave the road limestone as is.  The RM is committed to working out at delta.  The prov. Still has to pay the RM 2 million dollars at this time.  Garbage and trees will be removed.  Post office will be moved to the gate for now as the road is not safe for postal services.  Bfi will stay till we no longer need them.  All cottages will be numbered  by RM due to EMO for emerg. services.   The city of Plap have wanted to meet with RM regarding delta.

Questions:  RM tree dump needs to be cleaned.  It will be tendered.

Is there suvey that needs before people can re-bulid their lots?  Planning district says this is what needs to be done.

Dust issue on road  can we get calcium on hackaberry?

Public beach_ Meseyton has contract to clean up public beach.  Meet with them Wed.

Tree clean up is done by yourself if it is on your property. RM deals with other side of road.

Rm will pick up the trees from other sides of road if they are yours and you take them there.

Marsh is not RM jurisdiction.  Conservation doesn’t want a tree dump out here. RM cleaned it up and burnt it to make them happier.

Sand geo bag on far west is to be taken out Oct. 2012. However, cottage owners on far west beach will be having a petition to keep it longer as in oct. there can be massive wind storms which can do a lot of damage. The petition will be given to the Rm who will take it to the govt. regarding this.

2012 budget:

Property taxes: changes in munic. Act they got to levy every 3-4 yrs. To adopt them.

Hextall grant, we didn’t receive last year due to flood the applic. Was denied. But got for this year.

Garbage collection taken care of.

Using channel at our own risk as it has been previously.

Budget adopted : Moved, Bill Sloane; Seconded Ken Holland. Passed.

Can we have a Rotarian come out and sponsor us and can we give charitable donations?

Election of new executive:  Ron McRorie is new west beach rep.  Moved,  Rick Henderson; Seconded Paulette connery. Passed.

Assoc of Lk Mb stakeholders:  Scott Greenlay-  update we have scott and don both on ALMS. They got the emerg. channel was an effort by ALMS. Prov has not given any action since last June.  They made changes for cottagers to get compensation.  350 people up to 410 people came to the meeting those who have been affected by the flood.  Met with dep. Minister-  deductibles were crazy, we couldn’t do anything to protect ourselves.  Comp. for cottage owners  seemed unfair.  The lake was chosen to save wpg but not right we are left to recover and prov not helping us where we were.  Put us back to where we were.  Engineer reports:  $2000 is insufficient to do this.  KGS said to tell us properly we neeed $50,000 for all of delta and we could then share this.  Rm for cleanup being left was ridiculous that the RM were supposed to know what to do in a flood situation.  The govt said it was not in the realm of their control.  Oct. 2012 to remove the tube. This was in the contract with the company that put them in.

Water testing  beach seems to have flushed itself. They had not checked the marsh water. They have just tested the water.  However lots of debris could be there.

Dep minister macfayden has gone up and beyond through this natural disaster.  The money is not being funded by the feds but perm resid. are getting some fed funding.

We have not heard back from them .  Prov is not accepting resp. they are saying it was a nat. occurrence.   Minister Ashton keeps saying we have be paying a billion dollars on the flood but not to us. Rm did everything in good faith and have not been paid yet.  The Rm has 60% now.

Last thing is for equitable treatment.  $5000 goes back  if you don’t use it.

Dr. forbes  conclusively showed the lake would not have gone up had the div. not been opened.

Max 813.8 if they didn’t open the diversion.  Prov maintains that it was natural so we will hope to get them to see the science in it.  the problem is there is no policy change to this date. Get a letter to the premier and mla.  Tell everyone about the facts and get the word out there.  There are a lot of people out there hurting as many don’t know what to do.

Outflow must equal in flow .  they have not fixed the problem.  We are repeatedly asking for meeting with premier asking him to take responsibility.

Twin beaches class action lawsuit…if we mention  we join they will not talk to us any further legally and we lose ability to negotiate.  If this lawsuit gets certified we are all in unless we choose to get out.

By pass channel at fairford- the govt has no desire to go there.

Assessor- a person comes out to assess the damage and make you an offer. You have 30 dys to appeal it if you are not happy with the assessment.

Those who put in money for rock before May 31/12 need to appeal to try to get compensation.

Followup with Masc if you have not heard from them.    239-3921 masc office

Waterstewardship is not mb conservation. ( MIT)

Bell commission is for cabin appeals.

Pls put on website to see where we go for compensation.

New business

Recycling- trailer is parked at interpretive centre on july long weekend, aug. and sept long weekends. Thanks to Linda Muirhead for setting it up.

Donalda Johnson asked of atv on the beach.  It is a rcmp issue. We don’t want to stop people from using them  to clean up.

Permanent res get landscaping adjusters  to come out.  ONLY PERM. RESIDENCE.

Snow removal for winter- we hope to get a blower out there and hope to have it out to delta. We are in negotiations with it.

Media coverage:  scott forbes got a full page and don Clarkson was on cjob and somoen from east beach of cbc.  3 bad comments for 1 good one.

Ross Tufford commented that the trailer park resid. would like to help clean up of trailer park.

Betty made motion to adjourn. Passed.

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