May 14, 2011 11:04:33 PM

May 14, 2011 11:04:33 PM

No response from RM to this or previous emails, which is a little frustrating as Winnipeg Free Press informs me they are getting fast answers from RM via email. Would be great to be told something about what we should be doing…again, we’re guessing here.
Thank goodness for Volunteers.
We still need:
– Sand bags. We ran out today at 4pm and were told no more were available for us. Sunday is last big day to get Volunteers until next weekend – Not sure if we’ll have road access by next weekend. Sandbags would really help.
– Help saving the roads. Once these are underwater, we can’t do much more.
– Any advice or guidance or triage information would be really helpful. Are we doing the right things?
Regarding comments that “Cottagers are a lower priority, and RM is focused on other areas” – PLEASE Remember that while there are Cottagers here, other people at Delta are year-round permanent residents.  Also, remember that “Cottagers” have no entitlement to any type of insurance or disaster relief, so their loss is 100% theirs to shoulder – including their mortgages. That’s a big deal, and likely to result in some real issues when all the dust from this settles.  
Current Situation
Water Level – Reduced winds and ice pack helped to hold-off further advance of Lake side. Unfortunately back Marsh continues to rise. Water now encroaching on two areas of West Beach road from Marsh side.
Volunteers  – saved the day by assisting owners who were out and wanting to take action.
We still are very short on sandbags. Most volunteer dike-builders were hampered by continual delays in supply. This seems to be wide-spread in the RM. Can assistance be given to the RM to make more sandbags available to all?
Voluntary Surveyor was able to provide a number of readings, but he ran out of time, so turns out it is a pretty big job. Bottom-line some homes are safe, others are too low. Previous email discussed those already lost.
Next Steps
Again, any direction or guidance would be appreciated.
In meantime, we continue to do our best in light of things going on around RM, and wish you the very best in your efforts.

Yours truly,
Scott Greenlay
Delta Beach Association Board member

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