January 2012 DBA Executive Meeting Minutes

38 Jack Cavers Place REVISED EDITION #2

Delta Beach Meeting : Kelly T. Don C. Larry. M, Scott G., Val S.

1. ALMS meeting: pay for location of meeting. Put in some money for the location to have the meeting. ( Don is vice president)
Don has been meeting periodically. On Jan. 18 we are short a member as Doug was a member. Larry will go with Don. Jan. 18.

2. Budget: 25% decrease in assessment on cottages. Could apply for mill rate increase.
3. Replacement candidate: Don Clarkson
4. Meeting with RM- March early meeting date TBA good to keep in touch.
5. Flood Programs: we need another DBA meeting. See if official can come to do a short info. Meeting regarding flood programs. Mike Yacentiuk will be contacted by Don Clarkson.
6. Re-settlement: RM is supposed to have a settlement officer to inspect the home you are going back into to make sure you are able to reoccupy. Talk to Kinnelm. People need to register their structural damage with him. RM give re-occupancy permits. We need to see who the coordinator is.
7. Disaster Finan. Assist. For DBA- Doug was going to put in an application so we can repay playground, boat launch. Meeting hall has been compromised which is owned by Delta Waterfowl Assoc.
8. Public Park/Trailer Park: need to see what his happening, need to talk to RM regarding this. Possibility the RM may clean up these areas and would contact with property owner.
9. Val will deal with RM and Far West tube. KGS has been pulled out by the govt. Val with contact Daryl at RM office regarding this.
10. Val given Doug’s files to organize.
11. Impact of lake levels: Don would like to add to the lake level chart to show the record level and peak of the flood. Since channel opened it has gone down ¼ of a foot. Govt has not looked at the diversion and have not made a decision on Lake St. Martin. Do we ask for an injunction for not opening the diversion in the spring as govt. using the lake as a reservoir then you need to buy or compensate people for people’s property. Defacto expropriation at Breezy Bend. Also environmental damage is happening due to the ag chemicals due to the flooding. If the public doesn’t know then the govt seems not to care.
12. RM will possibly be putting blue signs for addresses at Delta.
13. Rick Roy was mentioned by Larry that he would like to be on west exec. Position. This would be an elected spot at next Public DBA meeting.
14. Larry will see Mrs. Love to get historical information of Delta.
15. Next Public DBA meeting to be announced at a later date.

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