Public Officials Contact Info


  1. Greg Selinger, Premier`s Office, Phone 945-3714, email:
  2. Steve Ashton, Minister of Minister of Infrastructure and Transportation and Emergency Measures Organization, Phone 945-3723, email:
  3. Kam Blight, Reeve, Rural Municipality of Portage la Prairie, Phone 857-3821
  4. Terry Simpson, Ward Three Representation, Rural Municipality of Portage la Prairie, Phone 857-3821
  5. Daryl Hrehirchuk, Chief Administrative Officer, Rural Municipality of Portage la Prairie, Phone 857-3821 ext. 1, email:
  6. You can also contact your own MLA and MP.

4 Responses to Public Officials Contact Info

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  2. Lori Ferris says:

    I spoke to someone at Emergency Measures yesterday regarding the lack of assistance Delta has had. He informed that there were “people” out at Delta talking to cottage owners & residents. I asked him why we are not getting the Super Aqua Tubes, or other flood preventing material. His reply is that because we have the “wave Factor” nothing would work to protect our properties. Basically I felt he was saying that they could do nothing until “recovery”


  3. Lori Ferris says:

    Delta Beach has been my home & my sanctuary for 52 years. It was my grandmothers
    legacy to me & my sisters & brother. In the 52 years we have had our cottage I have never missed a summer at the lake. It is what brings family, friends & neighbours together. I have proudly shared “my Delta” with people from around the world. All my
    childhood memories are related to Delta, the special times spent with my grandmother on cold windy days curled up on the day bed listening to the sounds of the birds & of the waves, enjoying the solitude. The Delta I knew & loved…still love,
    had white sandy beachs, sandunes & sandbars where it would take forever to get to the water, where we played beach volleyball, where we would take long walks on the beach discovwering driftwood, & fish bones, where we would spend the evening watching the best sun sets in the world, where we would have bonfires with our friends & neighbours that became family, where I could not wait to get to every year where I got married, where we suffered storms, tornados & survived, but how are we going to survive this? What will be left of Delta to pass onto the next generation?

    Shame on our mayor for selling us out in 1967 to build the diversion, shame on the Manitoba government for allowing other floodwaters into the river when we already have enough of our own
    floodwater, shame on you for not having a plan of action knowing full well that this flood was coming,double triple shame on you for ignoring us, compensating us for the damage will not give us back Delta back, shame on you for this man made flood.

    We are hurt & angry we will find a way to say enough already, we will find our “Erin B rockovitch.

    Lori Ferris-28 Hackberry East

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