Information on Govm’t Flood Programs

Attached is a copy of information provided by the Province of Manitoba about the flood programs which are currently being administered. Click on the link below:

Lake MB Flood 2011 Presentation to ALMS on Programs

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1 Response to Information on Govm’t Flood Programs

  1. Michelle Green says:

    Several cottage owners at Delta (and I’m sure everyone affected by the governments decision to flood Lake Manitoba) have talked about a class action law suit against the government. The cottage owners in particular seem to have taken a particularly rotten hit in all this. ie. cottages valued at $200,000. may be compensated up to $100,000. This is an obvious abserdity. If someone torched our cabins and burnt them to the ground, our insurance companies would cover our insured amount replacements. The decisions and actions by our government caused complete destruction to some cabins (and major lot (property) destruction and lesser cabin damages) and yet they only have to replace HALF the value?? Excuse me? What am I missing here?? Has a class action law suit been looked into? It seems to me to be the proper route to take in order to have the (NDP) government be responsible for it’s own actions. I understand about sacrificing the few to save the many. Just please follow up with rightful compensation.
    Michelle Green

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