Minutes from June 29, 2014 AGM

Delta Beach Association Annual General Meeting

June 29, 2014

Executive Attendance: Don Clarkson, Kelly Tomalin, Larry Muirhead.
Regrets: Val Smith, Scott Greenlay, Rick Roy

  1. Adoption of the Agenda – moved by Linda Muirhead, seconded by George Robb; carried
  2. Minutes of 2013 AGM – moved by Doug Thompson, seconded by Bruce Sloan; carried
  3. Councilor Terry Simpson’s report
    • Weeds on some properties require cutting. Will mention to Ron Garnham as areas dry out
    • Discussed stop sign
    • Dead trees north and south of Hackberry East and West. RM will meet with Larry and Dennis Nodrick regarding the dead tree. Situation. Hopefully a decision will be made by the fall.
    • Paving of East and West beaches will not take place until heavy machinery has completed its work. Not likely until 2015.
    • 34 East septic tank open
    • RM investigating a new piece of machinery for snow removal
    • Heard request for the snow to be blown to the south side of Hackberry E. and W.
  4. MLA Ian Wishart’s Report
    • Lake Manitoba is at 813.5 with a projected peak at 813.8
    • Opening emergency channel at Lake St. Martin by July 2. The government plans to run this through the winter with a drop in Lake MB of ½ foot or better predicted.
    • Diversion is now open to 3000 cfs
    A. There are three options to improve the flow: extra channel below Lake St. Martin (the size of the channel and the controls are all questions);
    B. Diking on the river must be completed with option to taking down the dike and build up in good weather;
    C. Will Saskatchewan take part in remedial water storage plan. The drainage from fields is 4X what it was 60 years ago
    • Fairford bypass is 6 to 8 years away
    • Declaration of emergency could speed things up. Conservative policy is to complete the outlet as soon as possible.
  5. President’s Report
    • Road paving as per Terry’s report
    • Waterflow at Fairford is on the ALMS hitlist
    • Emergency channel won’t help until winter
    • Future has some of the debris and trees being the responsibility of DBA
    • Planning to start for playground
    • Looking into dredging of channel
    • Ruling on quads is that they are not allowed on the public roads
    • Recycling will be on the long weekends beginning this weekend and ending in October
  6. Budget – Circulated and moved by Don Clarkson, seconded by Paulette Connery for $8050.00. Carried.
  7. Don will make application for the Hextall Grant in the fall.
  8. Tree Report
    • Concern about leaving the trees over the road in places
    • Concern about trees on private land and DBA land south of the road
    • Meeting established with the RM for Monday, July 7 with Roy, Terry, Larry from RM and Larry Muirhead and Dennis Nodrick representing the Tree Committee.
  9. Playground
    • Paulette Connery suggested that the Community Foundation may be approached with a service club’s support for funding.
  10. Water
    • RM reported that the cost for getting water to Oakland is in the neighbourhood of $10.5 million. The cost of hook-ups is rising rapidly.
  11. Elections
    Candidates for the position are all volunteer three year terms. The following have let their names stand:
    Don Clarkson – East Beach
    Scott Greenlay – – East Beach
    Garry Wright – – West Beach
    Larry Muirhead – – West Beach
    Kelly Tomalin – – Village
    Eric Olson – Far West BeachCandidates accepted to fill DBA Executive. Chair is chosen by the executive.

    Thanks to Val Smith and Rick Roy for serving on the executive.

  12. Meeting adjourned at 12 noon.

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