May 16, 2011 11:29:11 PM

May 16, 2011 11:29:11 PM


Thank you again for the kind emails about the updates. Am glad that they are helpful. The hope is that by sharing information, we can work better as a community, and maybe reduce the stress a bit.

Current Situation
Today’s Lake Level: 814.60 – We’ve had some good luck. Summer-like weather and light south winds as we all know help. Heat and wind help with evaporation, and this helps reduce the lake level. South winds also help push water away from Delta(although also push water from the Cadham Bay and Back Marshes up south side). End result – Great news – Lake only went up .02 feet since yesterday due to favourable weather and evaporation!

Forecast for tomorrow is slightly warmer, and even stronger south winds(23 knots). Hurray!

Call for Delta Beach Owner Volunteers to help with Effort
We need Delta Beach Owners(or Friends) to volunteer for some key activities over the next few days. See the needs highlighted below.

Channel Bridge
Update on protection of the East Channel bridge. As you may recall from yesterday, Don and I measured the channel road area, after the RM offered to try and send some Super Sandbags to try and help with our low bridge. These are basically the same sandbag system they used to keep Brandon’s bridges open. More good news – the RM called today and they can make 170 Super sandbags available to us to help protect the channel bridge. This will help keep the Ridge houses, Research Station and East Beach stay open for the hopefully the duration of the flood. However, the RM can not spare personnel to fill the bags, place them or supervise, so we need to find a way.

So we need Volunteers and Equipment:
1) Someone who can oversee(Supervise) the filling of the bags and their placement(just think of this as building a giant sand castle)
2) Someone who has equipment to lift the SuperSand Bags(they are like huge shopping bags with handles, so basically something to move life them and place them).
3)Some volunteers to help with filling and miscellaneous work around moving them
4) If you can do one of these, please Call Don or Cindy at 239-0964.

If you are wondering what they look like, have a look here:

Pumping of Centre Cottage Area
As you may know the homes in the centre cottage between the playground and channel area were some of the first to be effected by the rising water. On Sunday, two pumps were started to drain the area back into the marsh. This is helping to reduce the water level, and hopefully the damage the water did to these homes can be reversed.

We need a Volunteer who is in the area during the weekdays to top off gas on these Pumps. Its an easy task, basically like filling your gas lawn mower. We need some to start doing this Wednesday and keep doing it until we can find someone else to take over. Please call Don or Cindy Clarkson at 239-0964 if you can help.

Sandbags are currently available at the fish shack, and the honey processing shed at the channel.

If you don’t have a means to pick them up and haul them yourself:
Call Heather at the RM – 857-4439 and she’ll help steer you in the right direction towards getting sandbags delivered to your backdoor.

Need Help Sand bagging?
You’ve got to be at your home if you want to sandbag. Call the RM of Portage la Prairie at 204-857-4439 or 204-857-3821 and let them know you are looking for help. You are not alone, there are lots of people willing to help.

Volunteers: Are you willing to help lead a sandbagger effort for someone who is too elderly or ill? If you are willing to be a sandbagging supervisor, who could go to someone’s home and organize the efforts, please contact me, and I will keep your name on a list for those people who are too old, or ill.

Stressed Out?
I don’t know about you, but the hardest part for me was the lack of information over the past week – not knowing what was going on. Hopefully these updates are helping. But if this whole flood thing is really getting to you, or someone you know, the Province has set-up a help line for people who are getting really stressed out or anxious – its a toll-free call to 1-866-367-3276.

The Future
As previously mentioned Manitoba Water stewardship is predicting the Lake will reach between 815.6 815.8 feet by mid-June without any adjustments for Wind Tide or Waves. The current weather forecast is for warm weather all week, and continued south winds. This should help give time to all who want to do any additional preparation. In addition, if we can get the Channel Road sand bagged, we should be able to keep the East Beach access open.

Unsung Heros
Would just like to point out that Don and Cindy Clarkson have just been amazing during this whole event. Cindy was out working the highway on both Saturday and Sunday, directing sandbag trucks and volunteers, and Don was driving the beach looking for those who needed help, as well as chasing the RM, and championing many other activities – too numerous to mention. They’ve been doing so much, and I hope you’ll take a moment to thank them.

Closing Thought
Remember, we need some volunteers to help with coordination over the next couple of days for channel supersand bagging, and pump re-gassing, as well as volunteer sand bagging supervisors. Please consider helping, as that’s how we will beat this.

We are all in this together, and working together we will try and find a way to make it work out.

Best of luck, and lets hope for more hot weather!

Scott Greenlay
DBA Board member
#37 East

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