Beautification Committee Report 

Submitted by Garry Wright
• Committee of volunteers from Delta cottage and homeowners was struck after 2014 AGM. We met and discussed ideas for beautification or restoration at Delta.  

• Many great short-term and long term ideas were discussed. Many of these ideas that came forward are on a survey you will hear more about under new business, as we try to understand the priorities of all the property owners here at Delta, and develop a plan that strives to meet those priorities.

• Some of the things I mention will overlap with other committees; such as playground.

• What did we do… 2 separate clean-up days were done in 2014… one cleaning up the signage & contractor signs near the stop sign at the end of 240. The second date saw an end-to-end clean-up of garbage and abandoned flood debris on the south side of Hackberry Ave E & W, & Cherry Ave. We got a contractor to haul large items (tanks, etc) to the landfill. The contractor was paid for by the RM, and ultimately DFA. Thank you.

• Another clean-up date was well attended this spring. Garbage, end to end, was picked up post-winter, and a significant stretch of tree debris near the entrance was cleaned up as well. 

• Thank you to all volunteers who donated their time, and personal equipment for all 3 clean-ups.

• Hextall Family Grant for the playground was applied for and received ($1050)

• Hometown Manitoba grant for signage… $2000 budget / $1000 grant was applied for and we recently received word that the application has been approved. Sign structures will be built by our committee, along the design lines of the Delta Marsh signage out near the mail boxes. The graphics boards will be done by a professional sign company, and should last for years. It is our plan to install signage following paving this Sept.  

• A grant was applied for from the FCC Agri-Spirit Fund, with the intent to develop a new “natural playground & family area” in the centre area near the bridge (up to $25,000). The concept is natural playground, a small shelter, benches, picnic tables, fire-pit and trees. This is not a matched-fund grant. We have not received word on this yet, but if successful, work would need to be completed by the end of 2017.

• The RM has given us a letter of support for both the Hometown and FCC grants, as we require a municipal body to partner with in both cases. Thank you to the RM.  

• The committee plans to have ongoing projects and regular annual clean-up days ongoing.

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