May 15, 2011 (sent May 16th 12:18:06 AM)

May 16, 2011 12:18:06 AM

A number of people have provided emails, and have had a number of requests to keep the updates coming.
Again, just trying to share information that is know, so remember I’m a voluntary board member of the DBA, and trying to do my best to help out too, so please forgive any errors I may make. As Einstein said, “Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything”.
Any case, here is what we know at this point.
Current Situation
We had good weather and little wind today, so things were better than a raging north wind and rain.
Sandbags became available again later in the day, and the RM tells us they will now be able to supply us. There were not many Owners out today, so Volunteers had to move onto other locations.
We managed to get a pump from the RM and started to pump out the Cottages near the playground that had water to their floor bottoms(Middleditches, etc). One Owner there bought a second pump, at a 6pm both pumps were working, and had drop the section by one inch. One owner sandbagged and sealed the culverts leading to this area.
We also sandbagged the Culvert to the marsh behind the East Cottages in a hope to slow raising of small marsh behind the east beach cottages.
One owner in the trailer park came out to save his home, and a large number of volunteers helped him build a ring dike.
Visit from RM and EMO
Had an “unofficial visit” from Terry Simpson and a gentlemen from the EMO. Basically they confirmed we are on our own. Army is focused on Dikes and homes south of the cut. RM will continue to try and supply sandbags. RM/EMO are going to see about superbags for road to try and keep water out, but it is up to us as a community to fill them with sand, and get a machine to lift and place them. They MAY be able to get us some of the super sand bags from Brandon when they don’t need them…but that won’t be for a while. That’s all they can do to help at this time. In terms of what the future holds for us, they really don’t know.
Given above, each of us will need to make our own decisions on what to do to protect our homes. Some have chosen to do nothing, others have build walls of sand bags at the beach side to protect from waves, and others have built ring dikes.  We can’t be sure of what is the right course of aciton.
However, here is some information that might help you:
How High will the Lake get?
Information on projected lake level can be found on the Governemtns website located here:
If you click on the “Portage La Praire” link, it will show you a map of our end of the lake, and the expected water.
Basically, they are saying “Manitoba Water Stewardship expects peak water levels for Lake Manitoba’s south basin may reach between 815.2 and 815.6 feet above sea level ”
How high is the Lake today?
You can check the current lake level each day by going to the website:
and clicking “Flood Sheet” for Manitoba Lakes.
Today the report states Lake Manitoba is at 814.581 feet without any wind or wind tide effect.
How High is my Home?
If you don’t know, check your survey certificate, it might have an elevation. Ask a neighbour, they might know. The difference between your elevation and the expected lake level gives you a good idea of how you sit.
If you want to sand bag your home
Here is the URL to the Manitoba Govm’t Website for building a sandbag wall:
If you want sandbags delivered to your cottage
Call Heather at the RM – 857-4439 and she’ll help steer you in the right direction.
So that’s it for the update tonight. Quite different from the last few updates, because we have more information, and basically there is little point in continuing to send emails to the govm’t. They aren’t able to help us at this time.
If you know of anyone who should get these updates, please forward this to them, and if they’d like to be on the updates list, have them drop me an email.
I’ll do my best to continue to provide information as it unfolds.
Hang in there, and hope for sunshine and south winds!
Scott Greenlay
#37 East, and DBA Boardmember

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