Minutes from July 3, 2011 AGM

Delta Beach Assoc. Meeting   July 3, 2011-07-03     

10 am MNP Exhibition   Building

DBA Executive in attendance: Doug Connery, Scott Greenlay, Larry Muirhead, Don Clarkson, Val Smith

Guests:  David Faurchau, Terry Simpson, Larry Gibbs , Holly Troop

MAFRI – register your property by May 1 , not put in a claim  but to register . It is due by Sept. 1/11. You must register in order to put in a future claim.

Betty Grainger, Ken Holland, motion for last year’s minutes.

Vote on person per property. Please identify yourselves and your property.

Elections to DBA: Kelly Tomalin for the village all the rest stay standing for the next year.

Thank you to the RM. They have really helped us out when we have needed it.

Delta Beach Directory, please put down your email for the directory.

Scott regarding website:  Delta Beach . wordpress.com

The website is run by amateurs.  We try to get info out as fast as possible.  Also welcome to post comments as much as you want as it is a forum for discussion.  You must subscribe so you will get the weekly update which has key info. for property owners.  There was an idea to get a facebook petition going so we may look into that.  Facebook has a delta beach website too for cottage owners.

Petition:  Lake Mb Stakeholders Assoc.  Rally at legislative was not near as big as they would have liked.  On line petition only takes 5 mins of your time.  Everyone can participate, even family and friends.  Hopefully this would mean something to the govt.

Terry Simpson:   Thanks to  all for phone calls and very sorry about this and this is a long haul.

Now involved in lake mb rehabilitation committee.  Trying to get the prov. Govt to open Fairford Dam.   We are trying to get this water out. Two mtgs already.  MP from Ottawa, in the Narrows.  The committee has been good regarding mandatory evacuation.  8-8pm only at this point.  Sandbags are going to Souris and Wawanesa at this point. Orders come in and we try to get them out there as soon as possible.   Monday more coming.  We are trying  our best to fix the road as best we can with the water the way it is.  East side is very difficult due to the hole just after the channel.  The ridge is still there.  Far west is having issues of getting sand bags but fuel tanks are getting into the water.   Terry is open to  phone calls.  Public beach will not be opened at all this year.  Once water is gone it will likely be reconstructed.  Surveyors are working on fairford channel. Two channels are  being discussed.  If they could do two channels that would give three volumes of discharge.  The Premier has directed his staff to work on everything that is avail. But won’t commit a time frame.  If he made a state of emerg. it would waive the rules.   Premier does not want to declare a state of emerg for some reason.    Property assessment into 2012:  4 yr intervals so there will be 2 yrs now.  Rm must talk to the assessment branch yet and there will be more discussion.  School tax has to be paid regardless.  Only the municipal portion may change but not the school tax. Please pay your taxes. Doug: said poss. Crediting back to the land owner.  We must keep the door open with the govt at this time.

David Faurchou:  Please pay your taxes. Delta is not the only place being affected .  The 90 days we have been in a flood situation now.  We are in a  state of emerg. do the environ. Laws are set aside. The dikes are proof of this.  Three years usually for a permit for this but were done immed.  Situation is serious, higher crest is expected.  The dikes are weakening.   The prov. Is doing change in directives which is frustrating.  The 4 channels are in the works at this time. It is going to be problematic for sure.  There will be major decisions, channels may cost 320 million dollars.  The elections may be postponed so the prov. Can make decisions.  The program is not a problem but the implementation is.

Terry Simpson: Said premier didn’t  aknowledge us yet the prime minister did.

Directive has changed to earthen dike not rock and will not cover the rock.  This is the frustration… they keep changing every two days.

DFA designation:  disaster fin. Assist. Brandon, Souris, Portage.  Emerg. management orders are better David says.  500 million that they are able to spend.  Feds have given money so far and have been helping.   This water is coming from somewhere else and this is our problem.  We are bearing the brunt of the water that does not originate here.

By law 3330-  late fall and early winter a letter will come out.  It is every three years.

Phone calls:  hydro shut down?  If there was another storm they may shut the hydro down due to water depth and limited access however there is no plans at this time.  RM and building permits: they will have to look at this due diligence and parameters may change.

Property access: 8-8pm  we need to be following this or if people push the limits we may be kept out.  Emerg. measure people should not have to come in and rescue others.  So follow the rules and respect them and use common sense or people with make this decision for us.

Don Clarkson: sand bags: propane tanks, gas tanks etc need to be out.  Rm use of sand bags :  for flood mitigation not road build up.  You need to order fill for roads. EMO has warned the RM that if this goes on they will suspend our sand bags. There is a rule for sand bags only for permanent residences not cottagers and they have  bent this rule.  Please instruct others that sandbags are for flood mitigation not access issues on roads.

Twin beaches  and other people are thinking of hiring a negotiator and or a lawyer came up at the stakeholder’s meeting.  May 10 we emailed the premier in may and still no word.  Hiring a lawyer you can do things others cannot and there may be merit doing this.  Imp. To stay with the large group as they seem to get more interest from the govt. We will maintain a motion to join the first part of the fund to seek if we have a case and what a negotiator can do for us.  During the budget will we talk about a motion regarding this.

Steve Toppings met with \DBA- there is nothing that can be done about the lake levels.

RM in Feb. Was the meeting about the lake levels then.

Fall2010, $ 700,000 spent on lake shore work.  Noone was going to look after you, had to do it for yourselves.

No politicians came out to look at delta. Drew Caldwell was shocked at what he saw.  He made a cd and gave it to the premier. After that some things happened after that as he is on the flood committee.

Handouts the meeting we have with Mafri- the terms and conditions have changed and revised and what revision number…. as it keeps changing.  Mitigation for flood, both temp or permanent… now what you will get covered for you will not and so on.

Mb Lake stakeholders Assoc.- we are part of this group.  Prov website from scott greenlay, organized in a day. Letter tog for the the Premier. Lower the lake, lower the lake now.  That was it. We had a meeting . We made a letter so that there was a record that was talked about in the meeting.  Premier has instructed his staff to look at all options but no time committement. If not sooner we will not survive. Steve Toppings 814 lake level, we would not be able to do shoreline maintanence,,, if flood won’t get us, the ice will.  Hopefully he is pushing his staff a little more. State of emerg.- he said we were right that it would waive the rules of envir. And such but there was no good reason to do this at this time. We don’t know the political reasons.. but we will keep pushing.

Flood mitigation:  what can we do with our banks?  We are having to re- morgage our homes and cash in rrsp’s etc.   Sept  . 1 is deadline for registration not for money back.  Payments – 4 levels: daily payments, food etc. Long terms rentals- short term mitigation , buy outs etc. Is any of this taxable. He said he never thought of it.  This should all be classified like insurance purposes like an expense.  Private ins. Won’t cover anything. He was shocked.  That was some of what went on at the meeting.  The lake is still saveable if you lower the lake. The bill that you have now is  nothing a billion for  lake Manitoba.  Start to do it now.  That is what is going into the letter.  There is also a nature side to this.  The cottagers have been the protectors of the lake for years, not the govt. It is time to set up. On Monday we will send this letter again to the Premier.   It is our wave action that is the issue not the water height. Our water goes up 8 ft in 4 hours.  Where your wall is…you will need 8 ft of protection.  We hope to change mitigation . We need ot replace sandbags with rock and they have to foot  the bill for it.  This is flood short term – $1000 /metre. In cost.  Drew Caldwell agreed if there was not perm. Restoration of shoreline  there was no use repairing any cottage.

On delta web put up names of people who are contractor to help with rock for people to contact. There is a shortage of rock at this time and the weather keeps getting in the way.

The Prov. Stakeholder’s group:  we, the DBA have good contacts with the infrastructure . we are trying to work with them not fight with them.  There should be no diff. Between perm. And non permanent .

Budget:  ( see Doug’s report)

Vote: Cost max. Of up to  $4000 dollars to getting a lawyer  along with the Assoc. Of mb. Stakeholders to join into first.    There are two lawyers that have given free advice already from diff. Mb. Lake areas.  We need to vote on this:   Motion carried, the delta beach exec. Has the authority to use up to $4000.00 through the Mb stakeholders Assoc.  For a lawyer.  This is a last resort if we need it. This item will go into the budget.

We need to give the garbage man some money to keep him.

Motion to keep the expenses at $6000 motion is moved.  The exec. May use the money to pay garbage man or whatever necess.


New business:  Larry Muirhead would like to see all perm. Residences after the meeting.

Security is wanting to know about recreation at delta with boats. Access for property owners and those working for property owners.  The security people are there to enforce our rules. If we abuse this we will end up locked out.  Wind finder is very reliable, check the winds before going anywhere.  If you hear rumors  post on the website and Don Clarkson will try to verify the info.

We need to get the lake back to where it was. The lake is too high… the flood of 54 and 55 the water was higher then… there was another 150 feet of shoreline… this lake level has done this to us.  WE NEED TO HAVE THE LAKE LEVEL LOWER – BOTTOM LINE!  We need the sand to build up and save us.  We need to get this across to the government.  We don’t need to change it… we need to get it back to where it was meant to be.

Remind your neighbours that we have sacrified us to save them!  Ask the Premier to lower the lake….if there was the will, there is a way to get the lake lowered… get on the phone to your MLA, the wpg MLA.

Scott: writing letters to the Premier,,, you want to say to them what are you doing? There is no pressure there… we need to be louder….get the word out…this is about property owners the is about the environment… this ridge is gone forever if we get more storms….

This flood is far from over and the majority of people in wpg think it is over.

Univ. Of Mb the support is diminishing and Delta waterfowl is not involved as they have been closed.  Dean of Science is the person to get ahold of.   There is an archaeological site along the far east beach that was supposed to be protected.  Peter ward may know where it is.  WE need people to come in through other doors as they get tired of hearing from us.  The info will be put on the website . Delta beach assoc . wordpress.com

Premier number is on the website and there is also his emails.

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