Annual General Meeting

Reminder the DBA AGM is being held on Monday July 2 at 10:00 AM at the Oakland Community Rink.
Representatives from the RM and the Provincial Government will be in attendance.

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Association of Lake Manitoba Stakeholders (ALMS) AGM

The ALMS AGM is next Wednesday June 20th in Winnipeg. The DBA is a founding member of ALMS and 3 of our members have served on the executive. Scott Greenlay and Don Clarkson’s time is up on the executive and are not seeking re-election. The DBA needs representation on this organization. If you are interest and want more information regarding the time commitment require contact either Scott or Don. Information regarding the details of the meeting can be found on the ALMS website.

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Campground set to open July 1st

According to an interview of Roy Tufford in portage online, the re-developed Delta Beach campground should be ready for business on Canada day.

The campground features the DBA installed playground and a number of other features.

Read more by Clicking here

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Summer Job Opportunity

The Portage Regional Recreation Authority is looking for an individual or a couple different individuals who would be interested in working some hours at Delta Beach Campground this summer. The majority of the hours would be Friday-Sunday but would include some weeknight work as well.

The job would entail cleaning of the seasonal and public washrooms, general cleanup of the campground and public beach area after 4pm and on weekends and confirming camping reservations. The RM has a summer student who will do most of this throughout the day, while doing other duties out at Delta.

This year they are interested in someone being able to clean the washrooms Friday evening before 6PM, Saturday and Sunday morning around 8AM and again around 4PM. The majority of our camping reservations start on Friday so on Sat & Sun it would only be off an on cleaning the washrooms. The person wouldn’t have to remain on site all day. they are going to be in contact with a local security company who will be “on call” if anything needs to be dealt with at the campground.

For more information contact:

David Sattler, CPA, CGA

General Manager

Portage Regional Recreation Authority

Ph: 204-857-7772 Ext: 2224

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Manipogo Sightings

CBC has a great article about Manitoba lake monster sightings and stories. Below is a picture taken when two fishermen, Richard Vincent and John Konefall, claim to have seen a large creature from their boat on Lake Manitoba in 1962(Photo from the CBC Article, courtesy of Richard Vincent):

The name Manipogo is a hybrid of Manitoba and Ogopogo(the famous Okanagan Lake, B.C., monster) first appeared in 1960, a year in which a number of sightings were reported, was created by Tom Locke, a land inspector in charge of planning the provincial government’s program for public playgrounds and recreational parks.

The article is a great read, and can be found by Clicking here

Keep an eye out for Manipogo this summer! 😉

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Notice of 2018 DBA AGM & Call for Nominations

Notice of Meeting

The 2018 Delta Beach Association(DBA)  Annual General Meeting(AGM) will be held:

Date: Monday, July 2, 2018

Time: 10:00am to Noon

Location: Oakland Community Rink

All Delta Beach property owners are invited band encouraged to attend. 
Call for Nominations

Elections will be held at the AGM for the DBA positions of:

– President, Vice-President, Secretary

– East Beach Representatives (2)

– West Beach Representatives(2)

– Far West Beach Representative (1)

– Ridge Representative(1)

If you are interested, please contact the DBA via REPLY. 

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Delta Marsh Fire – Is out.

Dry conditions continue to raise havoc throughout the Province, Delta too has been impacted. Attached photo of the marsh is courtesy of Portage Online.

According to portage online, fire was successfully extingished last night.  Power poles were impacted, and power is out.  Everyone is OK, and no property impacted. If you have any additional information – please feel free to add to this post by using reply feature.

Reminder to everyone: There is a fire ban in the RM and a ban on all vehicle off-roading.

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Delta Beach work by Lakefront Restorers

Lakefront Restorers is coming to Delta before the May long weekend to commence the following work:

  1. Grading and levelling into “sink holes” of existing sand infill from where the geotube sections were removed last year.
  2. General grading and levelling of the landward side. This includes the removal of vegetation in these areas.
  3. Removing empty tubes and loose material (empty geotubes caused by vandalism and/or debris). The “scour aprons” in these sections will remain as they are still effective is reducing wave activity.

Length of work is estimated to cover 2 km of shoreline. Property owners along the lake, from West of the channel up to the campground, are asked to remove any structures along the water (if possible) to assist in proper levelling of lake bed near the shore.

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DBA writes Prime Minister


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ALMS Writes the Prime Minister

Association of Lake Manitoba Stakeholders

Good morning everyone,

Below is a copy of the Leader ALMS sent to the Prime Minister urging an expedited Environmental Review process so that work on the Outlet can begin as soon as possible:

Dear Prime Minister,

I am writing to you on behalf of the Lake Manitoba Stakeholders Association. We represent the approximately 7,000 people who live around Lake Manitoba.

We have asked all our members to write to you as well.

Our request is simple. We seek an expedited Environmental Review process for the following reasons:

1) Extensive consultation via more than 60 meetings with impacted parties has already taken place via the Government of Manitoba;

2) Extensive environmental engineering has already been undertaken by one of Canada’s preeminent engineer firms and been reviewed by our constituents, as well as the Government of Manitoba’s own fisheries, wildlife, and water stewardship organizations; and

3) The previous government committed to…

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