June 1 2022 DBA minutes

Please find attached the minutes from the DBA Executive of June 1, 2022. Sorry for the delay in posting these.
DBA Minutes June 1, 2022.pdf

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DBA Executive Special Meeting Minutes Jan 3 2023

Hi all,

Attached please find the minutes of a special meeting of the DBA Executive pertaining to the Levy.

Best regards,

Doug Ross


DBA Special Meeting Minutes Jan 3 2023.pdf

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DBA Executive Minutes for Nov 16 2022 Meeting

Hi all,

These are the approved minutes for the Executive Committee meeting of November 16, 2022.

Yours truly,

Doug Ross


DBA Minutes Nov 16 2022 (002).pdf

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3rd times a charm: Reposting Update from Treasurer

Update to the Membership
To further clarify the process the DBA used to move forward with the new special levy:

  1. The special levy is used to fund the DBA activities including but not limited to garbage removal, maintaining our properties such as the tennis courts and other programing and social activities.
  2. The Special Levy is set in place for five years then renewed.
    The process that was followed for approval of the Special Levy was:
  • Prior to the AGM RM contacted the DBA and indicated that the Special Levy was up for renewed for another five years and asked for our recommendations.
  • The DBA Executive met and discussed what level to put the levy increase too, our recommendation was to increase the levy by 10%
  • Reasons:
    1. Increased cost of garbage removal and maintaining current equipment(Gas alone has risen 40%).
    2. In step with our strategic plan the DBA is making significant improvements to the Tennis court area so the increase in funding would go towards ongoing upkeep and improvements.
    3. Lawn Care(Gas alone has risen 40%, and labour costs are expected to increase as well).
    4. Additional recreation programing and social activities.
  • The increase of 10% for the Special Levy was put forward at the AGM by the Treasurer and the motion was passed.
  • The motion was shared with the RM as the recommendation from the DBA and they moved forward with it.
  • Subsequent to the RM meeting on October 25, 2022, the DBA Executive learned that the RM would entertain changes to the way in which the Levy is applied, including a flat rate. In addition, the Executive reviewed the objection filed by Darryl Check and Gwen Ferguson. The Executive felt while the increases to funding were still needed, that it would review the Levy approach to funding. However the Executive felt as this represented a substantial change in how the DBA is funded it would need to be approved by the membership at the next AGM. In addition the matter of the amount of the increase could further be discussed.
  • The Executive directed the Treasurer to write to the membership and update them on the decision:
    1. Proceed with the increase for this year in order to provide the DBA with operating funds for the 2023 year.
    2. Indicate to the RM that the DBA would be coming back to the RM with a proposal for funding after the 2023 AGM
    3. The Treasurer wrote the membership and shared this information
  • At the December RM meeting, the DBA President shared the DBA Executive’s decision to proceed with the Levy for this year, and to come back with a proposal after discussion at the 2023 AGM. The RM Council indicated they would be happy to consider any proposals, but in the meantime would be moving ahead with the original five year commitment, and that the DBA was welcome to propose a new funding amount and formula next year for the RM’s consideration. The RM also pointed out that to make a change in the meantime would incur substantial costs to the ratepayers as a new letter would need to be sent, as well as the administrative cost to the RM which would outstrip the actual amount of the increase.
  • The DBA executive held a special meeting the 1st week of January to discuss the outcome of the RM meeting, and agreed to continue with investigating a new funding formula for the DBA and present to the members at the 2023 AGM for discussion with the membership. The Executive also asked the Treasurer to communicate the current status of the Levy with the membership.
  • The DBA executive asked the Treasurer to provide another written update to the membership, which resulted in this letter.

Some perspective on the Special Levy:

  1. There are 213 properties that pay the Levy at Delta.
  2. The Levy is $12,154 or an average of $57.26 per property
  3. For 2023 the levy increase would be $1,215.48 or on an average $5.71 per property.
  4. The RM, not the DBA Executive, sets the DBA Levy.
  5. The DBA has provided garbage services for over 60 years, as it was more economical than using RM services or a private contractor. The DBA used a contractor during the 2011 flood and for a few years after, but the costs were substantial. The treasurer at the time, Garry Wright, undertook a study of resuming garbage services by the DBA using a trailer and central location, and the financial savings were substantial to members.
  6. Of special note to members: While the DBA is consulted on the rate of the DBA Levy, setting of taxes is determined by the RM. The RM takes this process seriously, and has their staff conduct due diligence on all Levies, including the DBA. The CAO of the RM, in particular, reviews all levies and provides independent review and advice to the RM Counsel.

Respectfully Submitted,

Eric Olson

Delta Beach Association

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Delta Beach Winter Activities

We are having the annual Poker Derby on Sunday February 5th. More details will follow.

If you’re looking for a fun way to beat some winter blues we are running a Delta Drifter Bingo from now until the end of April. Bingo cards can be picked up at The Pelican (Thankyou Tony & Elaine) or you can save to your phone. Entries will be accepted and prizes drawn for 2 categories. Please submit if you’re able to complete a full line or if you’re feeling ambitious and want to do the whole card. When you’ve got it complete simply snap a photo of your card and email it to us. (dba-executive@googlegroups.com) Have Fun!

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Seasons Greetings

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Please be advised that the Delta Beach AED is not functioning at this time.

We will advise when the unit is operational again.

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Update on DBA Levy

Hi all, Below is a message from our treasurer, Eric Olson, in regards to the DBA Levy:

To the DBA Membership,

As you may recall, the DBA Executive at the July AGM proposed an increase in our levy by 10% per year for the next five years to cover escalating costs. This motion was passed by the membership. The levy increase was reviewed by the RM at their council meeting and we have had some good discussions with the CAO since that meeting.

It is now apparent that the RM will consider alternative funding models for the levy, including the existing model as well as a flat rate model. The DBA Executive wishes to explore and research these models and bring forward to the membership at next year’s AGM for discussion.

In the meantime, however, the DBA requires a budget to operate for the upcoming year, and as such the Executive has proposed to the RM we proceed with the 10% increase for this upcoming year, buying us enough time to have a fuller discussion of alternatives with the membership at the 2023 AGM.

Between now and our Summer 2023 AGM, the DBA Executive will research and consult with the RM on different funding models and bring them forward to our next AGM for approval.


Eric Olson

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October Executive Minutes

Hi All

Attached are the approved minutes from the October executive meeting.

As always, if any questions or concerns please reach out to your representative.



DBA Minutes October 15 2022.pdf

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Garbage Trailer Maintenance

Please be advised the Garbage Trailer is going to be away for maintenance from Sunday to Friday of this coming week.

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