Manitoba Infrastructure’s Hydrologic Forecast Centre advises that forecasts of high winds developing Thursday and expected to last until Saturday morning have resulted in a high wind effect warning for the south basin of Lake Manitoba and shorelines near Gimli on the west and Victoria Beach on the east side of Lake Winnipeg.  Areas of south Dauphin Lake and Winnipegosis may also be impacted.

Lake Manitoba is currently at 811.32 feet above sea level (FSL).

Wind speed and wave action could raise levels by as much as five feet or more.

Property owners are advised to take precautions.

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Pallister delivers priorities to federal leaders in Ottawa and stays true to building Lake Manitoba Outlet

For those of you who may have missed it, Premier Brian Pallister is standing fast on his commitment to build an outlet for Lake Manitoba. In Ottawa, he reached out to five federal party leaders to discuss his priorities – which included the Outlet.
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Hi everyone,

As part of our efforts to continue to provide transparency and information, we’ve developed a “newsletter” – please find attached.



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Federal Election Message from ALMS

Federal Election Message from ALMS
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RM reviews DBA resolution and determined to proceed with Geotube removal but assures DBA on intent to lobby

We received an update from the RM today indicating that they reviewed the DBA resolution but are proceeding with the removal of the Geotubes without prior assurances from the Province of replacement in case of flooding.

The RM however assured us that they are intent on lobbying for Geotubes in the case of future floods at Delta.

It remains the DBA position that the preferred option would be to receive assurances PRIOR to removal.

If you wish to discuss your concerns please feel free to contact the RM directly:

Calling the RM at (204)857-3821

Or by e-mail at

Or contact your representatives directly :

Kam Blight, Reeve, e-mail:

Terry Simpson, Ward Three, e-mail

Roy Tufford, Ward Four, e-mail

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Muck holes to be filled next week

Very excited to announce that the Rural Municipality has actioned our request to get the muck hole situation resolved.

Nettie Neudorf, Chief Administrative Officer, advised today that:

“Lakefront Restorers will be out at Delta next week to fill muck holes only. This will help determine what the sand should be used for once removal is started (Beach or muck hole filling).”

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DBA asks RM to receive assurances of flood protection before removing GeoTubes

A number of residents have expressed concern about removing the GeoTubes without assurances that new Geotubes will be installed should Delta be flooded again.

Last night the DBA executive passed a resolution asking the RM of Portage to receive assurance from the Province to protect Delta from 2011 and 2014 flooding before removing the GeoTubes.

A copy of the resolution is below:

WHEREAS the residents of Delta Manitoba have no assurance of flood protection once the GeoTubes are removed; AND

WHEREAS the Delta properties have experienced significant erosion since the creation of the Assiniboine Diversion; AND

WHEREAS the Lake Manitoba outlet channel is still not complete and therefore no adequate flood control measures are in place today; AND

WHEREAS in 2014 it was proven that GeoTubes provide significant protection from flood damage;  AND

WHEREAS should the flooding similar to 2011 and 2014 occur again, many residents are convinced their properties require protection offered by the existing GeoTubes; 

THEREFORE the Delta Beach Association asks the Rural Municipality of Portage la Prairie to:

1) Obtain written assurance (prior to the removal of the GeoTubes) from the Province of Manitoba that GeoTubes will be installed to protect Delta when Lake Manitoba is beyond its operating range of 812.5 feet and expected to be at or near 814 feet due to flood operations such as the Assiniboine Diversion or other flooding. 


2) Failing the ability to obtain written assurance from the Province, the DBA asks that the GeoTubes remain in place until the Lake Manitoba (LMB) outlet channel is complete and operational.

PASSED UNANIMOUSLY September 5, 2019

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RM to remove all Geotubes except those west of the public campground

At today’s RM of Portage la Prairie meeting, council voted to proceed with the removal of all Geotubes(including scratch pads) at Delta Beach except those west of the public campground.

Prior to the decision, council reviewed a report which can be found by clicking here.

Removal is to occur before this Winter.

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Delta Beach to Construct Fish Breeding Habitat –

Construction will begin either this year or next at Delta Beach for an offset channel for fish breeding.

RM of Portage la Prairie Councillor Roy Tufford says they have to do this because of the new breakwater structure.

“We destroyed a fish breeding habitat and we need to do an offset to offset the amount we destroyed,” says Tufford. “We have a plan to take an area of the marsh on the south side of Cherry Road. [We’re going to] excavate it to make it an appropriate fish breeding habitat.”

The structure was built after the flood in 2011. Tufford outlines how much this will cost.

“It’s going to cost $200,000 but it’s not coming out of our budget,” says Tufford. “It’s going to be coming from the Disaster Financial Assistance (DFA) which is basically from the province and the federal government.”

Tufford also mentions they have another initiative in place to help with the fish population.

“The culverts that run under Cherry Road on the channel are very big. There’s been a program to exclude carp from getting in the marsh for a number of years now,” says Tufford. “Every channel that runs into the lake from the marsh now has a control structure with screens to stop the carp.”

Vegetation, rocks, and wood bundles will be added to provide spawning and rearing habitat for the fish once the excavation for the breeding structure is finished.

Source: Delta Beach to Construct Fish Breeding Habitat –

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It’s finally here! DBA annual BBQ is at Noon!

Free for all DBA residents and their family.

Hot dogs and trimming, plates and cutlery provided by the DBA. Snacks and desserts courtesy of yourself and your fellow delta beach neighbors.

Same as last year – bring something to share!

  • BYOC(chair)
  • BYOD(drinks)
  • bring dessert or snacks to share with your fellow cottagers
  • Bring outdoor games to play

Time: Starts at Noon and goes to 2pm

Location: Kirchhoffer Lodge On Cherry in the Village (the big red lodge just beyond the Delta waterfowl sign)

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