Manitoba Media Bulletin: Province Issues High Wind-effect Warning for Areas of Lake Manitoba and Lake Winnipeg

Manitoba Media Bulletin
July 9, 2019


Manitoba Infrastructure’s Hydrologic Forecast Centre has issued a high wind-effect warning for the south basin of Lake Manitoba, and for the shorelines near Gimli on the west side and Victoria Beach on the east side of Lake Winnipeg.

High winds are forecast to develop around midnight and are expected to last until noon tomorrow.

Wind speed and wave action could raise levels by as much as five feet or more.

Property owners are advised to take precautions.

– 30 –

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Information on Blue-green Algal Blooms


Please see attached letter and educational material regarding blue-green algal blooms in Manitoba. If you have lakes or bodies of water that may form algal blooms, please make the fact sheet available to residents, cottagers and the public and place the poster in relevant public locations, including any publically accessible facilities near water and near beaches. The information should be made available throughout the algal bloom season, which is typically between June and late September.

The Departments of Manitoba Sustainable Development and Health, Seniors and Active Living appreciate your cooperation with the distribution of the materials.

If you have any questions, please contact Ryan Hewitt, Office of Drinking Water, at 204-948-1351

CR-19-06-26 Correspondence Letter.pdf

Blue Green Algal Bloom Poster.pdf

Blue-green Algal Blooms Fact Sheet 2019_FINAL.pdf

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We Mourn the Loss of a Friend – Alf Warkentin, Flood Forecaster

Association of Lake Manitoba Stakeholders

By Scott Greenlay

Alfred “Alf” Warkentin, known to many, as the trusted flood forecaster, passed away on June 14, 2019, at age 77 after losing his battle with Cancer. I had the honour of working with Alf for a brief time when our careers crossed at Manitoba Natural Resources. I remember Alf as a man with a sense of humour who took his job very seriously.

In 1970, Alf became Manitoba’s first Flood Forecaster and worked tirelessly for decades to help Manitobans understand and protect themselves from floods. Alf had a strong work ethic and dedication to his work. He often worked early mornings, late evenings and weekends – sacrificing time with his family so that he could help Manitobans through his reliable forecasts. Often working with outdated equipment, limited budget and staff resources, Alf worked to predict the impact of the unpredictable – frost levels, snow melts, river flows…

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AGM Reminder

The AGM of the DBA will be held on Sunday June 30, 10:00 AM at the Oakland Rink. If you have any items for the agenda please contact the executive at

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Motor Vehicles(ATVs, Motorcyles, tractors, cars, etc) on Beaches

Summer has arrived and with it lots of people, visitors and exciting activity!! We’ve had an inquiry about ATVs, and what are the “rules”.  This post covers four areas: Public Beach use; Private Beach use; Equipment Operators and Enforcement.

Public Beach – The rural municipality owns the public beach and has banned any motorized vehicles on the Public Beach.

Private Beach Areas – with the expectation of the Public Beach, the rest of Delta is private property, and it is up to each land owner what they do on their property. Some use ATVs for hauling equipment, boats, or for their own enjoyment.  Delta has a long tradition of vehicles on the beach.  The DBA permits use of its land for beach maintenance(removing dead trees, diversion “reminants”, weed mowing, etc), equipment hauling, boat hauling and related low speed / low nuisance activities. We also permit crossing of DBA  property to allow residents to access their own property. DBA Property is not to be used for high speed or “trail riding”.

Equipment Operators  – If you are operating motorized equipment – please be respectful of private property (including the beach).  PLEASE also educate kids about respecting other people’s property.  Low speed and low noise is always appreciated by neighbors.  Remember that Delta is also a heaven for residents who enjoy nature and quiet.

Enforcement – If you have someone driving across your property, without permission, it can be very frustrating –  the RCMP are responsible for enforcement – feel free to contact them.

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Volunteers needed

The executive is still looking for volunteers to cut the grass on the DBA’s property. The grass used to be cut by the RM but we were informed last year that they would no longer providing this service.

There are three main areas, the old playground/tennis court area, the old school grounds and part of the area between Hackberry, Cherry and HYW 240. The executive will cover fuel costs.

Contact us at

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Reminder Annual General Meeting

The AGM of the Delta Beach Association will be held on Sunday June 30, 2019, 10:00 AM at the Oakland rink,

Nominations are open for the executive. We need a person to step forward from the East Beach to replace Don Clarkson who after many years is stepping down. Please contact the executive if you or if you know of someone who is interested.

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Update Improper use of the garbage trailer

The items have been removed.

Thank you to who every took them away.

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Improper use of the Garbage Trailer

The picture below was taken today (Saturday June 8th 2019).  This is not proper use of the garbage trailer. The garbage trailer has been provided for the use of the residents of Delta Beach for household bagged garbage. It is not the responsibility of the DBA or the contractor that hauls the trailer to the landfill to clean up mess like this. If this is your garbage please return to the tailor and remove these items and dispose of them.
If abuse of this nature continues use of the garbage trailer may be discontinued leaving Delta Beach residents to deal with garbage on their own.

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Volunteer Needed

The DBA is looking for a volunteer to mow the grass on the property at Delta Beach owned by the DBA. The areas include; the old playground, land between Cherry and Hackberry on the westside of the channel and east side of Hyw 240, the old school grounds. The areas would need to be mowed every other week or more often if necessary. An honorarium will be paid to cover cost. If you are interested, please contact the executive at

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