Minutes from July 4, 2010 AGM

July 4, 2010  Delta Beach annual  meeting :

Delta Beach Representatives  In attendance:   Don Clarkson,  Valerie Smith,  Larry Muirhead, Doug Connery, Ron Moore

1.Welcome to guests:  Terry Simpson, Toby Trimble, Dave Faurschau, Terry Gibbs

2.Last year’s minutes:  budget, Scott Greenlay form for website, Doug emails.

3.President’s Report:  anavex cleaned the channel and dirt put into middle ditch area.  Plan is to push dirt into pile when rain quits and then people may come and get dirt to move to their own property if they so wish. They must get it themselves.  Channel was completed a week ago. We care clean up cancelled due to fish flies and rain. We will dicuss a further one possible.

4.Elections :  Val Smith and Ron Moore for west beach, Doug Connery for west beach,

Don Clarkson,Scott Greenlay for east beach,  Andre La Fleche for Cherry Ridge until further rep. is found. Russell Turner will be approached as a rep for Cherry Ridge and if not Andre will let his name stand.

5. RM- report from Terry Simpson-  dirt ready to go free of charge when less rain, some signs went up , some trees still to be  cut and moved from roadside, mowing to be continued along hwy.  Hackaberry sign is not in the right spot for east beach, and speed limit sign is down at far west beach.  Discussion of RM property on the south side of road why are cottagers using it? Some are using it, others are not.

Road by east beach that bombardiers use in winter  are being utilized by tourists and they  are getting stuck. A sign would be useful there to warn tourists this is area is not accessable by vehicle.

East beach muck was not cleaned on the east beach last year.  We are not sure why  the muck was not cleaned. Some owners feel their beach was cleaned , others were not. DFO will not let equip. on shore if conditions are not correct.  Equip. costs are high to come out and not be able to get to the beach so it is important that they get out when there is sand frontage. DFO will not let you use the equip. in the water.  Cottagers are welcome to contact DFO if they have issues with the rules for cleaning.

6. Thank you to RM: thank you for all the help you do give and for moving forward on the things we discuss.  We appreciate your assistance.

7.  Delta Beach Directory:  any new numbers may fill in the paper on the table at the back to please fill out.

8. Website report from Scott Greenlay. Please see paper report regarding this.  Put in a category with Central Plains as part of their site.  Scott can talk to Central Plains and link in or be a page with them and possibly do things through them.   Tennis courts please see Scott Greenlay’s report.   Fairly expensive project to do thus govt. funding through grants will be looked into.

An idea:  a look -out tower facing the lake side of Delta for tourists.  Likely expensive but we can put it on the list.

9. We Care Day- rained out, fish flies and power outage thus cancelled.   Still much to do however spring is a better time to clean up due to growth and bugs.  If we decide on a clean –up  we will let you know via letter.

10. Dredging of Channel:   it is complete however Moon has not given us a bill yet.   The sand was taken out and moved to another area with govt. approval.   The prov. Govt. paid for that.  East side breakwater has been taken out.  West side was left as we feel it is still working well but we hope to event. get it replaced.   It is working well.  Stay in the middle when going through so you don’t hit the rocks. It is a big improvement.  We will be doing a proposal with govt. to split the cost due to the silt etc. It would hopefully be a three way split.  What do we do with the silt coming in ?  They are not shutting down the diversion.  The silt keeps getting churned in and out from shore to lake.  Would the govt. do a project in the inner channel?   A sediment pond to be dredged out? Possible marina over time?

The importance of the channel is noted ;  a rescue was made by Allan Panko . A teenager that floated out  into the lake was resucued  in 8min.due to the access of the channel this year.

11.  Dirt will be avail. to take when the rain subsides and it is put in a pile.

12. Budget:   discussed and moved by  George Kotelo and  Doug Ross.  Budget carried.

13.  New Business:

Recycling:  $50 – box system .What about a truck set up for one day to use as recycling?  It is a start.  Don will discuss that with the recycling co.

Lake levels have gone up.  Diversion will keep running for a couple more weeks.  We will have a rise in levels since Fairford is flooding.  Don has been in contact with the govt.  Don has the lake levels on paper with record highs and lows.

Dave Faurschou – we need a govt.  protocol for the running of diversion.  When the div. runs certain things should be in place.   Dave has a meeting with the water stewardship and this is part of the agenda at these meetings.   He believes that the Prov. should be in charge of the channel.   You are welcome to attend the public meetings regarding this on 5-7 of July/10.  TBA

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