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The Delta Beach Association(DBA) is a non-profit organization. We do not have any paid staff, so depending on time of year, our activity level increases or decreases.

If you’d like to reach the DBA, you can contact us:

By Mail:

Delta Beach Association
RR1, Site 1, Box 6
Portage La Prairie MB R1N 3A1

By Electronic Mail:

7 Responses to Contact Us

  1. Jeanette says:

    Just wondering, if by chance someone has a cottage to rent for anytime 2nd, 3rd or 4th week of August? I can be reached at 204-871-0920, or email
    Thank you

  2. Sheila Henderson says:

    Phone 204-225-5687 to voice your concerns about cell phone coverage. Then after connecting, go to tech support. You will get to speak with a rep. and they will record your concerns about our lack of cell phone coverage. To no one’s surprise, Delta Beach is out of range of the existing towers. The more calls they get, and the more complaints that are recorded, all increase our chance for change.

  3. Cori Munro says:

    What is the rules for dogs on the beach

  4. Miles Nolan Ward says:

    If committee working on playground structure needs a Loader/backhoe to facilitate installation I could volunteer Myself and machine, as I think there was mention of needing equipment to get job done at annual meeting? Let me know.

  5. Miles Nolan Ward says:

    Just a comment, as to give perspective on high water, have a cabin on lake Winnipegosis, and was up there on weekend and water really high, as bad as 2010 when flooded out there, and so it is ultimately adding to water in Lake Manitoba as Watherhen river flow into lake Manitoba. So another soggy season up there hope it does not add to problems with Delta but could. In Regards to paving why is it taking so long to get job done?? Seems that things are moving very slowly. When it was done last time by Maple leaf they were in and out of here in a brief period of time very professional. I have had damage with equipment hitting a pole at my place and damaging electrical plugin. I am not sure but this is taking far to long to get this paving job done. I question the contractor and there ability. I think they have to many balls in the air, as they have many jobs out here where they start and not finish, as in the new road for lots is partially done, Whats up with that. Finish it. Then move on to next job. Why is the R.M. council allowing them to operate this way. I have watched them start and stop numerous times on this small road. I think east beach residence are fed up and want it done and over with as to have some peace from the heavy equipment. It seems this R.M. always has some issue or problem completing jobs, And are difficult and dishonest to deal with. Time to get it done, get on with it.

  6. Gord says:

    Further to the letter that we received which require a response to the RM by April 15th, we made inquiry about seasonal use for water

    I believe there will be a min charge of $64-65 quarterly but since we close our place for the season we wanted to know if we would have to continue paying this charge if we were not using the water over the winter.

    Our understanding in the response from the RM was that We would have to get our water closed at the main line in order not to incur the added cost. However, to shut the valve off the RM would charge $50 at the end of the season and to open the value in the spring there would also be a $50 charge. Disappointing considering in Winnipeg when we ask for a shut off at our main line this service was free.

  7. Gord Andrushak says:

    My husband recently reciever his letter from the RM about the water line and had a few questions. I thought this information and the reply he received may help others who are weigh their options regarding this.
    The questions are as follows with a response followed underneath it:

    1. Will the cost associated with the water line include a line right into the cottage and what other cost will I incur

    2. What will the interest (only) be carrying it through the the 10 years.

    3. What would the cost be if one decided to hold off a year or two

    4. If an owner used their own means to arrange full payment when would payment be expected to be recieved

    The following is the response:

    **The cost of $11,500.00 is into the cottage with a meter, anything past the meter is your responsibility.
    The interest rate we received on our last debenture was 3.25%, we don’t anticipate a drastic change unless something unforeseen happens. The annual payment on the taxes was $1365.00 for 10 years. There is no opportunity to pay off this debt earlier.
    If you decide to wait I do not know what the cost of a connection will be. Council will be reviewing this cost annually during budget time and they have not increased the cost for 3 years. It is likely the cost will be increasing next year but I do not know how much.
    If you pay in cash it will have to be paid once installation is complete.
    If you have any further questions please do hesitate to ask.

    Valarie Cutting, CMMA
    Asst. Chief Administrative Officer
    RM of Portage la Prairie

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