Mark Your Calendars

Hi everyone, trust you are well, healthy, and your families are safe. Hard to believe that the ice is almost off the Lake, and summer will soon be upon us. Your DBA executive has been working diligently throughout the year, and we have some exciting plans for this summer to share.

Please mark your calendars for:

Will be held Sunday July 5th at 10am at the Oakland community hall.
Our backup date is August 2nd at 10am at the Oakland community hall.
If it appears social distancing rules will prevent our gathering we will have a Zoom/Video Conference call on Wednesday July 8th @ 7pm.

Summer BBQ
Based on last years huge turnout and overwhelming success on a “non” long-weekend date, we’re going to once again choose the Sunday AFTER august long – August 9th.

Give Away Weekend
New for this year, we’re going to copy what other towns have done and have a “give away” weekend. On this weekend, we’re going to encourage you to take any items that are still usable, but you no longer want, put a “Free” sign on them and stick them at the end of your driveway. Hopefully someone will want what you have. If not, you’ll take back your items and dispose of them as usual. This has been quite popular in a number of places, so we thought we’d give it a try on the weekend of June 27th and 28th. 

Later this month
Keep your eye on the website, as we’ll be posting the draft Agenda for the AGM and asking for your ideas on items you’d like to discuss.


Best Regards,

Scott Greenlay on behalf of your DBA Executive – Daryl Check, Doug Ross, Kelly Tomalin, and Eric Olson.

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