We mourn the loss of one of our longtime citizens : Clarice Brown

Clarice Brown

On Monday morning, Delta lost one of its longest citizens, Clarice Brown(Linden). At 92 years of age, Clarice was a fixture of Delta since her youth. Many of you will remember Clarice taking her frequent walks, complete with stylish sunglasses, often accompanied by her trusty sidekick “Scotty”.

Delta was a very important part of Clarice’s life. She spent her summers at Delta – ever since her childhood. She could often be seen hanging out at the East Beach, with her brothers Bill and Mervyn Linden. Later in life she married Don Brown. Together they had  three children – Allen, Rhoda and Sandra – All part of the Delta community in their own right. They made the cottage at 36 East (old address) a fixture in many lives on the East Beach.

Clarice was a lifelong teacher – both as a professional and a role model. Some may know of her days at the one room school house at High Bluff, or may have even had her as a elementary school teacher at Victoria school. As a role model Clarice did many things to help all of us at Delta. She was an active member of the DBA Executive. She contributed thoughts and memories to the research for Delta Marsh book. She kept a watchful eye on all things.

But most of all, she truly loved Delta and its people.  When she retired from teaching, after a career spanning over 40 years, she was able to become a full-time summer resident at Delta. Clarice arrived as soon as the snow cleared(and sometimes earlier) and stayed until the cold winds of late fall. She was never far away from her beloved Delta, as she lived in Portage.

With 92 years to her credit, she was an important part of the Delta fabric. Clarice, we will miss you.

For those interested, her funeral will be held at 11:00 am this coming Monday, November 25, 2019 at Trinity United Church.

Clairces obituary can be found by clicking here

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2 Responses to We mourn the loss of one of our longtime citizens : Clarice Brown

  1. Tom Porter says:

    My grade one teacher for a brief time, a great neighbour and always a friendly face at Delta ! Condolences to the the family !

  2. Laird Cole says:

    My condolences to Rhoda and her siblings. I do have many memories of Mrs. Brown making her way down the road in the summer. Always a friendly hello from her and yes, those sunglasses, she could have been in pictures.

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