Update on current situation from the RM

The RM shared the update below with the DBA:

Update from RM of Portage la Prairie October 14 3:00 PM

Emergency Situation

The RM has made the response to power outage and storm clean up their major priority. There is no need for the municipality to access private property or resources so a local state of emergency is not being declared at this time. The RM is reaching out to the Province to see if disaster financial assistance will be made available for this event. In the meantime, please track your costs and consult with your insurance company.


The RM has been working closely with Hydro for access to their infrastructure. The schedule to regain power will vary throughout the municipality as substations are first addressed and then moving outward with pole replacements and resets thereafter in each of the zones. The RM will be receiving a map of the zones to help understand the rollout and this will be shared with the public. We have been advised there over 3000 poles down or damaged.  Each wooden pole takes a minimum of 1 hour to replace.  Lots of areas are extremely difficult for hydro to reach because of wet conditions meaning this is not a quick fix and some areas will take a longer time to re-establish.  

If your hydro service mast has been damaged or your electrical service to your home please have it inspected by a qualified electrician and have it repaired in preparation for your hydro service to be restored.


We will share any helpful information as soon as we can on our media and website. Please check our notices on facebook or sign up for the RM APP to receive notices. Also stay tuned to the City’s information on their status of power and services available.


Our public works have confirmed all roads are accessible except Road 65 entrance to Roquette. Please drive with caution around any power lines you see hanging low or on the ground. Please stay clear from any hydro vehicles and contracted workers so they can focus on their work to restore power.


Stride Place is open from 5:35AM to 10:00PM daily to allow people to get coffee, recharge phones and use their showers.


See earlier posts (https://portage.municipalwebsites.ca/Editor/images/Central%20Region%20-%20Accomodations%20Listing%20-%202018.pdf)  on hotel listings in and around the area. 

Regional Landfill

Landfill hours are Tuesday 10 to 6

Contact us by Service tracker (http://www.rmofportage.ca/p/service-request) for any specific requests for the RM to address.

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2 Responses to Update on current situation from the RM

  1. paulbalabanski says:

    Will the RM consider putting on security until the power is restored?

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