Storm Update #2

As many of you aren’t at Delta right now, you are probably aware the Premier has declared a State of Emergency. This is, however, primarily due to issues around damage from ice and snow – especially to Power. Central Manitoba from Delta to the US border has been hit particularly hard.

Power is still out at Delta, so the weather station is down as well.

Daryl Check provides the following update:

Power out at Delta for two days now, as you may know.  Power lines down for miles around. Going to be a while before power is restored at the lake. It is a disaster area South by 227.

No snow on the ground at the lake, but a lot in PLAP.

In town for a bit to get a wifi connection. unable to post updates to the Delta Beach FB page from home.

Cell signal at the lake is intermittent, but I can get some texts and messenger messages.

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