RM reviews DBA resolution and determined to proceed with Geotube removal but assures DBA on intent to lobby

We received an update from the RM today indicating that they reviewed the DBA resolution but are proceeding with the removal of the Geotubes without prior assurances from the Province of replacement in case of flooding.

The RM however assured us that they are intent on lobbying for Geotubes in the case of future floods at Delta.

It remains the DBA position that the preferred option would be to receive assurances PRIOR to removal.

If you wish to discuss your concerns please feel free to contact the RM directly:

Calling the RM at (204)857-3821

Or by e-mail at info@rmofportage.ca

Or contact your representatives directly :

Kam Blight, Reeve, e-mail: reeve@rmofportage.ca

Terry Simpson, Ward Three, e-mail tbsimpson101@gmail.com

Roy Tufford, Ward Four, e-mail Roy.tufford@gmail.com

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