DBA asks RM to receive assurances of flood protection before removing GeoTubes

A number of residents have expressed concern about removing the GeoTubes without assurances that new Geotubes will be installed should Delta be flooded again.

Last night the DBA executive passed a resolution asking the RM of Portage to receive assurance from the Province to protect Delta from 2011 and 2014 flooding before removing the GeoTubes.

A copy of the resolution is below:

WHEREAS the residents of Delta Manitoba have no assurance of flood protection once the GeoTubes are removed; AND

WHEREAS the Delta properties have experienced significant erosion since the creation of the Assiniboine Diversion; AND

WHEREAS the Lake Manitoba outlet channel is still not complete and therefore no adequate flood control measures are in place today; AND

WHEREAS in 2014 it was proven that GeoTubes provide significant protection from flood damage;  AND

WHEREAS should the flooding similar to 2011 and 2014 occur again, many residents are convinced their properties require protection offered by the existing GeoTubes; 

THEREFORE the Delta Beach Association asks the Rural Municipality of Portage la Prairie to:

1) Obtain written assurance (prior to the removal of the GeoTubes) from the Province of Manitoba that GeoTubes will be installed to protect Delta when Lake Manitoba is beyond its operating range of 812.5 feet and expected to be at or near 814 feet due to flood operations such as the Assiniboine Diversion or other flooding. 


2) Failing the ability to obtain written assurance from the Province, the DBA asks that the GeoTubes remain in place until the Lake Manitoba (LMB) outlet channel is complete and operational.

PASSED UNANIMOUSLY September 5, 2019

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4 Responses to DBA asks RM to receive assurances of flood protection before removing GeoTubes

  1. Colleen Pallister says:

    One final point is that one would have to wonder just how effective the remaining geotubes would even be in a future flood situation. They have flattened out considerably as well as other deterioration which has occurred??

  2. Terry Mulvey Cabin # 65 West says:

    This is going to throw a wrench into removal as we know how governments work… we will be waiting until after the funding from the disaster relief has expired… then who’s dime will this be????

    • Don Clarkson says:

      There is no way of knowing that removal of Geo-Tubes will help with the trench on the west beach. These should be treated as two separate issues. Something needs and should be done about the trench and the dangerous situation it creates. Keeping or not keeping the geo-tubes is a separate issue. We could easily be only 6 months away from the lake being at 814 or higher and with out the protection the geo-tubes provide from the wave action we all will be in trouble.

  3. Colleen Pallister says:

    I suggest that you get a written assurance from the government WHEN & IF the channel up north will ever be completed. I don’t believe there are enough people, aka voters affected for it to ever happen. No one is discussing it presently…it is all about the algae in Lake Winnipeg….

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