Save the Date… DBA annual BBQ Sunday August 11th at Noon

Hey everyone,

Mark your calendars!

The annual DBA BBQ will be held on Sunday August 11th from Noon to 2pm.

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5 Responses to Save the Date… DBA annual BBQ Sunday August 11th at Noon

  1. Diane F-W says:

    Yes, we suffer the same lack of cell service which can be serious if there is an emergency.. we were considering adding a landline as well. Also, Scott, is there any way to get that helicopter training school to change their flight path? We are very tired of hearing helicopters overhead often several times a day. Why don’t they fly west of the diversion or well east of the East Beach where no one lives? We come to Delta for rest and relaxation not helicopter noise. What can be done about this? Thanks very much

  2. heidi.fraserkruck says:

    Good morning! Thanks so much for the reminder about the barbecue. We’ll try to make it! We are trying to get phone service at my dad’s Cottage. We’re unable  to use our cell phones there, he bought a booster for cell phone use, it cost $600 but it still doesn’t work. He looked into getting a landline, and the company said he needs to find someone else at Delta who has a landline and speak to them and maybe we could hook up a landline in connection with theirs. I don’t think it would be a party line or anything like that it’s just if someone has the infrastructure for a landline at Delta currently and then the company can connect via that one. Could you please reach out to the Association members and see if anyone has a landline currently?Thank you kindly, HeidiSent from my Samsung Galaxy smartphone.

  3. Dan Silvaggio says:

    Wanted to let everyone know that we will be having live music this coming Saturday Aug. 3rd at 323 West Beach. We will be going to late in the night so hopefully if it gets a little loud it doesn’t disturb anyone.
    You are all invited to come to the beach and enjoy the music!
    The Silvaggio’s

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