Motor Vehicles(ATVs, Motorcyles, tractors, cars, etc) on Beaches

Summer has arrived and with it lots of people, visitors and exciting activity!! We’ve had an inquiry about ATVs, and what are the “rules”.  This post covers four areas: Public Beach use; Private Beach use; Equipment Operators and Enforcement.

Public Beach – The rural municipality owns the public beach and has banned any motorized vehicles on the Public Beach.

Private Beach Areas – with the expectation of the Public Beach, the rest of Delta is private property, and it is up to each land owner what they do on their property. Some use ATVs for hauling equipment, boats, or for their own enjoyment.  Delta has a long tradition of vehicles on the beach.  The DBA permits use of its land for beach maintenance(removing dead trees, diversion “reminants”, weed mowing, etc), equipment hauling, boat hauling and related low speed / low nuisance activities. We also permit crossing of DBA  property to allow residents to access their own property. DBA Property is not to be used for high speed or “trail riding”.

Equipment Operators  – If you are operating motorized equipment – please be respectful of private property (including the beach).  PLEASE also educate kids about respecting other people’s property.  Low speed and low noise is always appreciated by neighbors.  Remember that Delta is also a heaven for residents who enjoy nature and quiet.

Enforcement – If you have someone driving across your property, without permission, it can be very frustrating –  the RCMP are responsible for enforcement – feel free to contact them.

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1 Response to Motor Vehicles(ATVs, Motorcyles, tractors, cars, etc) on Beaches

  1. Alan Frederick Owens says:

    Mr Greenlay’s comments are not law. It is illegal to operate vehicles on any beach in Manitoba. I talked with the RCMP last year and the fine is $600 per person on the vehicles. Any one driving in front on my house on the beach will be photographed and the pictures sent to the police. This is Delta Beach not Daytona Beach. If you want to run around using your ATV I suggest South Dakota.

    Of course people have used machines for working on beaches. There is a thing called Common Sense. I suggest people use it instead of listening to someone who is setting this location up for another tragedy like happened at the Public Beach some years ago.

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