Update Improper use of the garbage trailer

The items have been removed.

Thank you to who every took them away.

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2 Responses to Update Improper use of the garbage trailer

  1. Don Clarkson says:

    It’s not that simple Laird, first we would need permission from Delta Waterfowl who owns the land the trailer is parked on, then we would need approval of the idea from the residents of Cherry that are across the street from the area as most of them just tolerate the trailer being there in the first place, then we would need a volunteer to manage the 3 week period and then haul the items away. The DBA has enough trouble getting someone to sit on the executive let alone take on this task that would need to be done 12 months of the year.

  2. Laird Cole says:

    Totally agreed with items like that being left there. Is there a better way? Perhaps having an area beside the trailer where items in good, usable condition could be left for people to take for free. If an item is there for more than 3 weeks, then haul to Habitat for Humanity or some type of donation.

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