AED now at Delta Beach

We’re very excited to share the news that an Automatic External Defibrillator (AED) is now available at Delta.

Recall this item was discussed at the AGM. It was donated by Murray and Connie Cobbe and will be administered by Colleen Tomalin.

It is located on the east outside wall of the seasonal washrooms at the campground from May long until the end of September long weekend then moved for the winter and 911 will direct you to its location when needed.

Special thanks to Colleen for her efforts and coordination in making this happen!

A picture of the AED in its new home is below:


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1 Response to AED now at Delta Beach

  1. Miles Nolan Ward says:

    I was home for a weekend to Delta, I was wondering why the mowing is not done along road edges and other areas that used to be mowed by Ron Garnham that are RM property, Really, can things not get remotely done properly here, Remember that for the full time residents this grass along road edges will only make a difficult snow problem even worse. A suggestion is to tender the job out to private that can get the job done, as the incompetency of this RM is beyond belief, Delta is really a beautiful area and this RM treats it like a garbage dump, I went to take my garbage to trailer, and my recycle and i was not able to dispose in either, receptacle as full and trailer looks in disrepair with flat tire, and the flies and stench were ridiculous, I really frustrated with this RM and does not have to be this way.

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