RM provides answers to Frequently Asked Questions about Delta and the Flood

The DBA met with the RM in late August. In that meeting it was discussed what would be the best forum to get information to residents about what was going on at Delta in regards to fighting the on-going Flood. It was decided a written questions and answers document which could be posted on the website would be the best avenue for all. The DBA Executive developed a comprehensive list of common questions, and today the RM provided the answers.

It should be noted that the DBA and Delta residents are very grateful for the attention and support our RM Council and Staff have provided to Delta. We have a strong and proactive RM, and we are fundamentally better off in the Flood of 2014 because of the RM’s efforts.

Below is the information asked of the RM and the answers provided:

QUESTION FROM DBA: What is the process the RM is following for making decisions regarding flood protection of Delta?

Answer from RM: The Municipality originally hired the KGS Group to perform a survey of the Delta area to determine which properties were at risk for damage to building foundations and/or structures due to the property not being protected to the Provincially established flood protection level of 819’.

Based on the report submitted by the KGS Group the Province of Manitoba authorized the installation of geotubes and super sandbags for lake front properties at the following locations:

  • East Hackberry East;
  • West of the channel;
  • Hackberry Avenue Far West
  • Starting immediately east of the public campground;
  • Former Camp Jubilee property;
  • Other areas

The Municipality continued to lobby the Province to authorize additional wave protection devices. The Municipality hired the KGS Group a second time to inspect the retaining walls in all areas at Delta that were not originally included in the first phase of wave protection. These retaining walls were built during the 2011 flood however, no engineering assistance was provided to make sure the walls were constructed in a manner that would be able to withstand a wind event. Therefore KGS was hired to determine if the retaining walls’ protection was adequate to protect the property. The KGS report rated the retaining walls on a 1-3 rating, with 1 being adequate and 3 being a concern. The report indicated a concern with all retaining walls, as a result the Municipality hired Lakefront Restorers to complete the install of wave protection devices for all properties at Delta.

QUESTION FROM DBA: Who identifies and initiates protection measures?

Answer from RM: Under the Emergency Measures Act the Municipality is responsible to take measures to protect public infrastructure and private property. However, this does not mean that the measures taken by the Municipality will be eligible for funding through Disaster Financial Assistance (DFA). The Municipality has an obligation to perform due diligence to ensure the expenditure of funds is required to protect public infrastructure or private property.

QUESTION FROM DBA: Who is responsible for coordination and completion of projects?

Answer from RM: The Municipality is responsible for the hiring of the contractor(s), acquisition of material(s) required to protect properties and monitoring of work being performed.

QUESTION FROM DBA: Who funds them?

Answer from RM: The Municipality pays for all flood related costs and submits a claim to DFA for reimbursement of eligible costs according to the program.

QUESTION FROM DBA: What role does the RM see itself, versus that of the DBA, and the Province?

Answer from RM: The Municipality is the body that ensures that the protection of properties is completed, while the DBA could assist the Municipality in providing their members with updates on the situation. Input from the DBA would be appreciated on specific issues.

QUESTION FROM DBA: Is there a Delta Beach protection plan/emergency plan? If not,  is there a plan to develop one?

Answer from RM: The Municipality has an Emergency Plan that covers the entire municipality. During the 2011 flood event the Municipality developed an evacuation plan for Delta and had it available for the 2014 event.

QUESTION FROM DBA: Who should residents contact to express their views and lobby for complete Geotube protection of Delta?

Answer from RM: The Municipality is having Lakefront Restorers install the 15’geotextile containment units in the remaining areas at Delta on Hackberry Avenue West. The installation started September 15, 2014, therefore there is no need for Delta property owners to make any contact with Provincial Officials.

QUESTION FROM DBA: What approximately how much has the RM spent on flood protection of Delta this year? How much was NOT reimbursed by the Province and/or DFA?

Answer from RM: $2,106,870.14 has been spent to date on the 2014 flood event(excluding current Geotubes being installed). The DFA claim for the 2014 flood event is ongoing therefore at this time we can’t provide any numbers on what has not been reimbursed by DFA. According to the DFA program municipalities are responsible for the first $5.00 per capita, this equals $32,625 for the Municipality.

QUESTION FROM DBA: Many residents are concerned about snow removal this winter, especially with super-sandbags and Geotube lining Canal Street and the corner of Hackberry East. Can you share the RM’s plan for winter snow removal for the upcoming winter.

Answer from RM: The Municipality has had discussions with the contractor on the potential issues the install of wave protection may have on snow removal this winter. The contractor indicated he left an area of super sandbags that can be removed easily to alleviate any snow clearing issues.

QUESTION FROM DBA: The road on the west side of the channel was built up using gravel to a high level, which will provide permanent flood protection. Are there plans to do the same for the east side of the channel – so that both sides enjoy permanent protection?

Answer from RM: Hackberry Avenue West was built up during the 2011 flood event to provide access to that portion of Delta. Under DFA any road rising has to be temporary during an emergency. The cost to build up road access is not recoverable under DFA as DFA funding is to return the infrastructure to the condition it was in prior to the emergency. In 2011 the Province had another fund available to municipalities that would provide 90% funding to cover the raising of the road in order to maintain them permanently. The raising up of Hackberry Avenue East was not required in 2011, therefore the municipality would be responsible for 100% of the costs incurred to raise the road in that area of Delta.

QUESTION FROM DBA: What are the plans for the Public Beach and Campground? What is the schedule?

Answer from RM: The Municipality received a design for the redevelopment of the Delta campground from Stantec with the engineers opinion of probable construction costs estimated at $2,150,000. From there the Municipality requested a report from DFA on which costs would be eligible under the Municipality’s 2011 DFA claim. Stantec is the engineering firm contracted with DFA to assess damages caused by the 2011 flood event and determine eligible costs to return municipal infrastructure to the condition it was prior to the event. The report confirmed that $735,280 would be eligible under the Municipality’s 2011 DFA claim. The initial redevelopment design included piped water and sewer to each camp site which was an upgrade and not eligible under DFA. The cost to provide water and sewer service to each campsite was the majority of difference between eligible costs and the redevelopment estimates. At this time the Municipality will not proceed with water and sewer service to each individual campsite. The Municipality plans to start the redevelopment in 2015.

QUESTION FROM DBA: We understand that paving has been put on hold for 2014 due to prices that are significantly higher than the engineer’s estimate. If this is being reimbursed through 2011 flood compensation, why does paving have to be delayed?

Answer from RM: No the delay in paving at Delta was not a result of higher costs. The initial plans were to pave in 2014, however due to the high lake levels and potential flooding paving was put on hold to allow the Municipality to focus on flood protection. The Municipality plans to proceed with paving at Delta in 2015.

QUESTION FROM DBA: Dead trees due to the flood are a serious fire hazard and concern on both sides of Hackberry Ave. We understand that the high water level makes work difficult on the south side of the road, but many of the dead trees on the north side are not on private property. Can we work with the RM on a plan that would see the north side trees removed?

Answer from RM: The Municipality is willing to work with the DBA to remove dead trees on municipal or DBA property. The Municipality’s understanding was that members of the DBA were to obtain quotes for the removal of trees at Delta.

QUESTION FROM DBA: The breakwater has been completely destroyed by the 2011 Flood, and provides essential protection to the channel, road access, and those living near it. We understand DFA will pay to rebuild the channel to pre-2011 design. Can you confirm this? How soon can the work begin?

Answer from RM: The breakwater structure was not originally identified as a site from the 2011 flood event until 2014. Once the site was identified it was forwarded to DFA and as a result DFA has asked for pictures to show the structure prior to the 2011 flood in order for them to determine eligible costs to repair/replace the structure. The Municipality did have trouble finding a picture that showed the structure, however thanks to DBA a picture was forwarded to DFA for their information. The Municipality will have to secure the services of an engineering firm to design the breakwater structure. The Municipality plans to proceed with the construction of the breakwater structure as soon as possible.

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