Daily flood Update: Wind and Wave Warning for South lakeshore

Association of Lake Manitoba Stakeholders

Wind and Wave Warning: Strong north winds (20 knots = 37 km/h) increasing to NE 30 knots (56 km/h) this evening are forecast for the lake today.

Sustained winds of 60 km/h are known to create a 2 to 3 foot wind tide and a 3 to 4 foot wave height.

Time: 8:00 AM Aug 23
Portage Diversion: closed
Lower Assiniboine: 10,837 cfs
Waterhen: 9,425cfs
Whitemud: 787 cfs
Fairford: 13,379 cfs

Lake Manitoba update
Time: 8:00 AM Aug 23
Steep Rock: 814.07 ft
Westbourne: 814.70 ft
Mean level: 814.39 ft

Lake is 2.39 feet above ALMS recommended maximum lake height.

Lake is currently at flood level.IMG_3502.PNG

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