DRAFT of KGS Report

The RM has shared a copy of the DRAFT report KGS. Remember it’s done by engineers, so its a little difficult to de-code at first. Basically it’s a graph showing elevations of Land, buildings and existing wave protection. Here are some tips to help you read it. I’ve added the terms “Far West”, “West” and East” Beaches to help you see where things are.

Note: This is the DRAFT report. The final report isn’t ready yet.

KGS Disclaimer: KGS is not liable for any actions or decisions by third parties as a result of the report.

Reading Tips:

  • The graph starts on Far West, West Most location, and moves eastward as you move to the Right
  • The brown line shows lot height
  • The Red Triangle shows the height of the main floor of the building
  • The Green Square shows the top of existing wave mitigation structure (Rock wall or whatever you built to protect)
  • The dotted line shows the level the Province has directed KGS/RM they are to protect to
  • The Square boxes show what KGS is recommending.

Here is Graph for Far West and West Most Part of West Beach(Click on the graph for a bigger view):

KGS Draft - Page 1Here is Graph for East Most Part of West Beach, the Channel and the East Beach(Click on the graph for a bigger view):

KGS Draft - Page 2And here is a PDF version of the DRAFT Report.

KGS Wave Protection Recommendation Elevation Levels Delta



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4 Responses to DRAFT of KGS Report

  1. Leonard Rossnagel says:

    Hi Scott,

    This is an interesting and very valuable report, and after some study, I think I have an idea where my red triangle is. Would it be possible to generate a chart or graph to translate the x-axis Station (m) values to a lot number? We are 31 West, and I think we are about 13+100 or so, but I am not really sure

    Leonard Rossnagel

  2. Dave Owens says:

    Thanks Scott,

    I understand you may have Betty at your place at the time I send this. Tell Betty she can take pride that her sandbagging (according to the draft) is deemed sufficient:)

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