Geotube care

We are very happy to have the Geotubes in place to protect our shorelines and homes.

However as they are made of fabric, some care is required.

Residents are asked :
– please do not paint the Geotube. Paints contains solvents which will cause the fabric to break down;
– please do not ride bikes or other vehicles on the tube;
– please do not take dogs or cats into the tube.
Walking is OK, but please avoid anything that is sharp or has gravel in it, as again it can cause the the fabric to wear.
– please feel free to remind visitors of these important “care of our tubes” rules.

Your help in protecting the tube will help ensure the Tube lasts and protects us.

Thank you.

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3 Responses to Geotube care

  1. Terry Mulvey # 30 West says:

    There are a lot of people that are not happy that they are NOT being protected, I am being told that this company is pulling out before the meeting on the Sept. long ….is that correct . Why has there been the group of cabins from about #10 west to # 70 West been excluded from shoreline protection. I understand that this was supposed to be done by elevation but there is really no difference when the water is right up against ALL shorelines ….it did not matter in 2011(Elevation) and will not matter today without protection. Can someone please explain this exclusion so we all understand !!

    • Hi Terry,

      We share your frustration. We have asked for all of Delta to be protected. Here is what we know:
      1)We are trying to get a copy of the final KGS report. The RM has agreed to release the report to us, and we will then post on the website;
      2) The Province is only giving the RM funds to protect properties below the 819 foot level. The RM isn’t happy about it, nor is the DBA. The RM is trying to get protection to a higher level. The DBA has provided information and support to go to a higher level. However the Province controls the rules and the funding, and right now they are saying 819 feet asl is the magic number;
      3) We’ve asked the RM to come to a meeting on September long to go through the protection plan;
      4) KGS did a complete survey of properties of Delta, and for the first time, the RM now has a complete “view” of the height of Delta – property by property;

      In the meantime, you should absolutely discuss your concerns directly with your MLA. The Province controls the funds and the rules for protection. As we understand it, they are the ones who have determined the protection rules.

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