Urgent Warning: Water Hemlock MAY have been spotted

This evening there was a report that water hemlock, an extremely poisonous plant, may have been spotted in the twin beaches area.

Water Hemlock is one of the most poisonous plants in North America, and cause death upon handling or digestion.

While we do NOT have any confirmation that it has been spotted at Delta, because of its toxic effects from handling or ingestion, this is information is being shared as a precautionary measure. Handling it can cause severe reactions, including death.

Information on hemlock effects can be found click here





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6 Responses to Urgent Warning: Water Hemlock MAY have been spotted

  1. Andrew and Irene Zurawsky says:

    Hi Scott,

    After reading your notice on the Water Hemlock plant, I remembered that I had seen what looked like a similar plant at Delta. I checked it out again yesterday. It is located along the north side of Hackberry near the road, along a wooded stretch just west of the eastern edge of the Public Beach area (pedestrian gate). It might be worth having this checked out by someone who knows this stuff.

  2. Susan Ryan says:

    This plant looks similar to flowering species commonly seen on the south side of Hackberry Ave. But how would we know if it is actually poison hemlock since there are so many related plants?

    • Good question. Does anyone know an answer to this question?

    • Susan, I’ve sent an inquiry into the RM to see if they have any ideas.

      • Great news. Daryl Hrehirchuk, Chief Administrative Officer of the RM, has indicated someone is going have a look.

        Full text of his reply is below

        Hi Scott.

        According to a youtube report posted by the Saskatchewan Ag Department Water Hemlock is extremely poisonous to cattle. However it is very common for
        people to mistake the water hemlock with plants called cow parsnip and water parsnip as they look very similar. I have asked an individual to inspect the Delta area and report back to me with the findings.

        Daryl Hrehirchuk, CMMA
        Chief Administrative Officer
        Rural Municipality of Portage la Prairie

      • Susan Ryan says:

        Thanks Scott. Look forward to hearing more.

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