Tonight’s Update has a few items:

– Update Fatigue
– Situation Update
– Weather Update – North Winds, but at least their lightish
– New Lake Level forecast
– Info on rules of access 

Update Fatigue

Apologies for the lack of an update last night. Fatigue is setting in for all of us,  and with almost 2,000 people each day now visiting our site, plus the shock of Tuesday, well – I`m human too. Any case, there is much happening with fellow residents posting their comments on the site – so more news is coming from all of us – which is awesome, and hopefully helpful to you. However, as a heads up – I`m planning on reducing the number of these updates, as I`m sure you are all tired of hearing them too!

Current Situation – Friday

There was a meeting between the DBA and the RM at 9am this morning to discuss the current situation. While there is nothing the RM can do about the high water or the weather, their focus is trying to help us with what resources they can contribute. They are working hard to keep roads open, they are also coordinating more sand bags, and super sandbags to be brought to Delta. In addition, they are maintaining a security checkpoint to control access, and maintain safety. The paramount concern given the current situation, is the safety of everyone.

We have not seen nor heard from any Provincial or Federal officials. Apparently someone important flew by in a helicopter today while I was out there – I did wave…as it is the customary Delta thing to do … and it was a very nice looking helicopter….(sorry, but my sense of humour has worn thin).

I was able to accompany Terry Simpson out to Delta today, in his 3/4 ton(thanks Terry), and the water has receded in some areas. The RM is working on Far West Access, and the road that they had built prior to the storm had handled the storm rather well. The hope is to have Far West access by tomorrow(Saturday). West Hackberry, for the most part, is still covered by water, but accessible by high clearance vehicles(1/2 tons or higher). East Hackberry has debris, sand bars, and some water. But you can get in!

The checkpoint is open from 8am to 8pm. Access beyond the checkpoint is available to residents by foot, 1/2 ton or 1 ton trucks, or other high clearance vehicles. Due to debris and unevenness of what remains of the roads, cars and light duty trucks are not recommended. A warning horn is in place to advise of evacuation, and will be sounded three long times to warn of impending flood danger. If you hear the horn, leave immediately.

At this point, focus is on providing residents access to sandbags and SuperSand bags for those who wish to rebuild their defences, as additional storms are, unfortunately, highly likely. Other residents may be choosing to remove belongings, or recover items effected by the storm damage – which is why road access is key too.

I was able to inspect a number of homes on the east beach, and while some are off their foundations or severely damaged, others are in tact, but most have issues with erosion of a nature where foundations/footings are at risk. Previously built water defences such as Gabions, rock walls, and so forth seem, for the most part, to be either in bad shape or ineffective. The water is very high, and while I was there Manitoba Water Stewardship personnel reported that the standing water during Tuesday(without waves) on Hackberry was at 818.7 feet. Today the water at the lakeside was definitely at 817.6 feet, as I had a survey stake where the water was sitting. The Province is reporting a Lake level of 815.61, without wind – so we must still be experiencing 2 feet of wind tide, or there is something else going amiss(perhaps my glasses?).

Residents are encouraged to continue to post information on the website, via the reply feature, on their own first hand accounts. These will automatically post to the column on the right side of the website.

Weather Outlook for Tomorrow

North Wind Alert, sustained winds for 12 hours, 13-17 km/h gusting to 15-24 km/h

New Lake Levels and Peak Water Dates

Not a great day to be hearing this from the Province, but here is the news from their latest flood report:

Forecasters have assessed the impacts of recent precipitation events on the Souris and Assiniboine Rivers. Water levels on tributaries of the Assiniboine River experienced increases between 0.1 ft and 4 feet since yesterday. Most tributaries have crested or are near crest. Flows on the Assiniboine River into the Portage Reservoir are forecast to reach around 43,800 cfs around June 4th and remain at these high flows until approximately June 8th.

Regrettably, the new Lake height and Peak dates have been forecast:

Peak lake level forecasts are being increased as a result of the heavy rains from the recent storm. Forecasters have predicted peak water levels within a range, with the lower range representing average future weather conditions and the upper range representing unfavourable weather conditions. The new Lake Manitoba forecasted peak is between 816.1 ft and 816.5 ft around July 5th.

So the new worst case number has moved from 815.8 to 816.5 feet. Peak Water date has moved from Mid-June to July 5th. On a positive note, we now have sandbars where the roads used to be, so grab your lawn chairs and umbrellas!

The Diversion today sits at 20,060 cfs, and the Fairford Dam is letting it out of the Lake at 18,250 cfs.

Rules of Access

Delta is basically – a disaster area. Make no mistake about it, we`ve been hit by a Hurricane of water and wind, and you really do need to be careful. The RM has issued a bulletin which you should review before you head out, as we really need to make sure everyone stays safe. Check it out at:

Link to RM Bulletin


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8 Responses to Update

  1. Don Clarkson DBA Executive says:

    Delta Beach Association Annual General Meeting will be held Sunday July 3, 2011. The location has to be change from the announced location in the tax bills. Please check back for the location.

    • Don Clarkson DBA Executive says:

      The location has been confirmed. We will meet July 3, 2011 10am at the Portage Fair Board offices on Island Park Portage La Praire

  2. Susan Yeske says:

    Thanks Scott for all your work and we look forward to future updates.
    This feels like a family and I know that people have worked very hard to try and save Delta, keep up the good work.
    I had to laugh, when my brother, Jim Moorhouse, was telling me that in 1955 he was taken to Camp Jubilee by tractor and wagon because their was 2 feet of water on the road. Can you imagine, TODAY, if we tried to send our kids to camp in a flood?
    Talk about the “Good Old Days”??!!

  3. Lori Ferris says:

    Thank you Scott for this website & all your work. I know you love Delta has much as I do & it is nice to be connected when you live so far away. When I see the pictures my heart breaks. I pray we have some where to rebuild & that we are fairly compensated.How do we protect Delta in the future?


  4. Karen Trigg(Delta Beach Concession) says:

    You are doing a fine job of keeping us informed.Did anyone by chance happen to make it down to the public beach and if so how were things down that way?Is the road passible yet?

    • We went down there yesterday. The road is passable with a truck, a couple of bad spots, covered in water until you get to about cottage 63. Campground is full of water and full of carp.

      • Karen Trigg(Delta Beach Concession) says:

        Thank you Joan.We made it out there today.The carp are everywhere aren’t they.Did everyone wave at the Government of Canada chopper as it flew along the beach.Hmmm wonder who was in there?

  5. Terry Mulvey (#30 West) says:

    Fatigue update…..No apoligied needed …doing a hell of a good job in very trying times, Job well done!!

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